So Hum, I am

So Hum, I am

Who am I? I am of divine light.  I am a thought; I am good, whole, perfect and complete.  I am a cleansing breath, I am the gentle whisper, I am the slight breeze that caresses over your skin.  I am peace, holy and valuable.  Cherish me from within, within thy own mind.  Listen, hear me speak to you, close your eyes do you see the colors or images I put before you?  Breathe; I am your ideas, your fantasy’s, and your dreams.  Please stop putting me down, stop drowning me out~ I love you.  Your ideas are good, even great.  Trust this good, know this good, and love this goodness from within you.  I am here, you’re never alone!  Do you get that?  I am always with you, I never leave you-you leave me.  I forgive you, please just come back home from within and love me for me.  When you feel lost, please tell me to yourself, I am home.  When you feel no love, tell me from within I love me, I  love (your name) in 3rd person.  I am so blessed to be in this life.  I am so blessed to be home.  I am so blessed to be loved.  I am so blessed to know I am not alone.  I am so blessed.  This body is my temple, I am of Divine Light.  My goodness shines bright from the indwelling good.  I am blessed to be able to share my Divine good.  I am blessed.  I am so very blessed. & It is So~Amen

~Katie Yavuz

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