Breath of an Angel

Dear Divine Creator, I recognize the ultimate power is within the Divine light and within this Divine light there is renewal.  As the sunlight glistens upon the willow it also dances in perfect Union within the Divine heart of Mrs. ______.  I know this Divine guiding light is here to comfort her and bring her hope and faith into the Realization of her indwelling goodness that shines forth.  I know for Mrs. ____ she is well with positive thoughts as she embraces this goodness from within. Her own Divine inner qualities are filled with gratitude and support, from her doctors and those who love her most!  I know also for the body of the Christ like mind lives through all of Divine’s beings with a guided inner purpose even when we do not see the ultimate plan.  I give love and continual support with an unlimited supply of Divine goodness.  Each whisper is made out of love as the breath of Angels wings create a gentle glide over the surface of our skin.  Like a breeze is the whisper of well being and eternal love. I now release this prayer into the Divine Universe, knowing all has been done before these words were written.  & It is So ~ Amen, Above, through and beyond. ~Hugs from Rev. Katie a cancer survivor please contact me for additional support.

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