Empower your Soul!

I am humble today knowing I have moved out of my comfort zone.  I have decided this year 2014 is MY YEAR, to do something about my life.  I must be bold, I must be brave.  My determination shall prevail.

Today, I visited a local Toastmasters group. It was much like getting up in front of a congregation.  Looking into each souls eyes I felt different today than any other time speaking.  Today, I was in control of me!

What a breath taking experience to really commit to changing how I want me life! Really exciting, to know from the depth of my soul what it longs & then to step out in that faith and prove to yourself, “Yes, you can do it.”  Just as the “little engine that could”, I too can do something with my life.

As you begin to get older..you never feel older inside.  Their is a sense of I still have a chance to do something great before I get old. lol I’m in my mid-30’s raising a teenager and seeing his struggles I can relate to how I felt then almost as if it was only a year or two ago.

Of course times have changed, fashion, music and langue to peers have had there own evolution(s).

Yet a closeness and connection between my children, with determination…what can I still prove to them that I have buried deep within?  What has all the control of criticism taught me?  How can I bring positive right action into every new situation?

It all comes from within…Within that stillness, that Divine guidance asking for you to listen what it wants you to do.  Most likely the hardest part in life is to stop fighting your own struggles.  Stop fight yourself.  Stop allowing the harshness of other people’s words determine how great you really are.

How great are you?  What will it take for you to realize that you are great?! You Are Great! Yes, today & everyday you choose for yourself, make decisions that are either for your Divine good or for someone else’s Divine good.  It is a dance.  There can be compromise.  There is also a time for you to bow out of a situation that is killing your soul.

The choice is yours.  Desire for life to end-everyone has those thoughts.  Just not everyone will ever admit that they have.  It’s these soul killing situations, that you must dig deep.  Find a passion larger than you.  Discover how you can help others and take the next step.

I am living proof that this works.  If you need a mentor, a friend~Please reach out to me or someone who is traveling the road you desire to go down.  Pledge a promise today, to take a baby step and keep moving forward.  Love to live and fulfill your passion!

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