When life is tough…

(Your Name), I know that the Divine’s light will wash over you and those of your troubles will dissipate.  I know that this white light washes every doubt from your human experience here and in the Now.  I know this light manifests within you as your own Divine Indwelling light that comforts you in all area’s of your life.  This Divine knowingness blesses and multiplies in & through you at all times.  With this perfection of Union of your source that moves in and through all spaces in your mind and body all is well and in harmonious development.  I now realize for you (Your Name), that this deep indwelling light caresses over your entire presence allowing only your goodness to shine forward.  Knowing your good shall prevail and all faults shall be washed clean with respect, your perfect knowingness to forgive others and forgive yourself for what you can and cannot control.  With this ever vast presence that Loves you from within & the glory of our creator & I am so thankful of this perfection to shine bright and outward into your everyday experiences.  I now release this Awesome, justifiable light back to the creator where It decides when to manifest it for you & you can release your worries into It! & It is so~Amen.

Rev. Katie

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