A prayer for Heart Trouble

A prayer for your beloved’s one’s heart.

In this moment I Recognize that the One Source Lives in all things great and small.  It is fearless, always bound by doing exactly as it is told with conviction.  It is always creating and manifesting what it creates.  I am uplifted in the knowingness that this infinite Source is of renewal as IT is always expanding with Abundance and a perfection of Health.

Please accept these words as if they were your own…  I am now in perfect alignment with my Source.  I am completely Unified with the blessings from within that are able to be expressed in my out worldly experiences each day.  I am at peace with this indwelling gratitude of my Divine Creator that lives and speaks through me in every moment in my life.

I now accept this internal Realization that I am in this moment LOVE, Peace, Joy, Abundance through the co-creation of the Universe expressed through me & It multiplies all my strengths.  It produces Good words & thoughts through my everyday actions.  I express my feelings with love and understanding for my wife, my children and with my husband as a family unit that is unbreakable with all of life’s tides, I will not be cast a side as I know the Love I give I receive.  I also, know the abundance of my eternal being is good, I do good for myself and for others.  I open my heart to the possibilities of unfoldment of my perfect path that of which I am being called to do.  This comes with ease, understanding and an unwavering fact of good prosperity for me and my family.  I am have unshakable faith in knowing my good will prevail in all things I do.  The light of love shines through every inch, crack, and corner in my mind and heart that in turn allows me to grow and be the person I am meant to be to walk this living plain.

I am so humble and grateful for the Thanksgivings in my life.  I know only good will come to pass as I bring forth my goodwill and internal self- love to shine through all doubt or fear that I have.  I know I have a purpose to fulfill in this live and I now embrace this goodness from within my heart to express through my everyday experiences as a light of love.  I am so, very thankful of my creator for giving me an opportunity each day to reclaim my good and express love.

I now Release this prayer & words into the Universal Law, as I know it knows the deepest prayers that I hold within deeper than anyone in my family and possible of any of my own self-knowingness.  I know the Law of Attraction does exactly what it is told to do without any preconceived ideas.  I also know the Law is the servant and as it carries my prayer out like a messenger of angels I know that it is always done in right action.  No, harm will be done to any individual only love, peace, reassurance and the perfection of Divine’s truth will shine through.  It is So ~ Amen.    By: ~Rev. Katie Yavuz


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