No Make-up 4 Cancer Awareness

As seen on Go to work-be in public without your make-up for the sake of Cancer Awareness.

One in five people man or women will experience some sort of Cancer…That person could be you or someone you love.

What subtle hints is your body giving you that you are not listening too?

In 2005 I had nodules beginning to protrude from my neck next to the SCM muscles.  Aspirations were taken at Sally Job at the Denver Tech area, Colo.  No sign of malignancy was found.  In two years time I began to experience difficulty with swallowing vitamins and meat.  I had experience similar signs as a young child around age 6 years old with the same swallowing issues.

A bit graphic, all that extra saliva that you feel like your chocking yet can’t throw-up..kind of feeling.  This could have been an early sign notes the surgeon to my parent in my late 20’s.

I was seen between a week to three days after an ultrasound showed that these nodules were in fact beginning to close off my airway.  “Katie, you only have about a millimeter left before you will not be able to breath on your own!” Stated my Colorado Springs surgeon.

2007 I went through two surgery’s.  I still wanted my thyroid and I saw no reason to take the whole thing.  It covers some many functions in the body.  After the first surgery the nodules that we thought were only on the right side, were actually growing from the left side and draping/taking over inside the neck.  (Notice I say “the neck” not “my neck”…I do this not to be attached to the experience or give power to the dis-ease.)  After the first surgery, the doc comes back to tell me the lab tests of the nodules and they found cancer.  By the next morning they are prepped and ready to take me back under to ex-spell what doesn’t need to stay-the rest of my thyroid and a few parathyroids.  Between the experience to two surgeries, recovery now I had to also work on healing of the death of my thyroid.

I then waited two months for the Iodine 131 radiation to come to the treatment center, which the doc ended up sending someone to South Africa to get this radiation medication for me.  Those two months I was on a very strict diet of No Salt-that’s no cereal, nothing that tastes good…I began the fresh diet meals, with only fresh plain meat, chicken, (no seafood), fresh veggies & fruits.  In reality this is the best way to clear your pallet and really learn what food is suppose to taste like.  I learned so much about how to appreciate the real taste of spices, seasoning my food and reading ingrediances to make sure no salt was added.  It was hard the fisrt few weeks, relearning to change your whole life of how you cooked and prepared food.

I didn’t go extreme with thinking I only needed to eat “Organic”.  Some may choose that option for themselves but for me that just wasn’t in the budget so I was conscious and practical with a one reward a month like eating chocolate a tinny bit (salt is in that too) or pickles.  It was a tinny treat for me being good with the rest of my diet.  I’m a better cook now & my current hubby is grateful.

A person’s body can go through what feels like a death to an organ after it is taken out.  I know this not only from my experience but I have spoken about this with other clients and non-clients about the void in their bodies.

Healing from the death of an organ.  I found comfort in the book “Ask & you Shall Receive” by Esther Hicks, Ernest Holmes and “The Thyroid” Diet by Mary J. Shomon.  Holding both hands to give and receive energy of healing really helps me even now when there is a hoarseness to my voice-returning self love and self forgiveness is very powerful.

I also began painting my meditation visions.  I will leave that information for another write up..very interesting stuff!

So, where are you in all this?  What do you feel about this Obama Care in USA?  No matter if you are here in the States or care about health care-you should.  I went through a Divorce just months prior to finding out about the dis-ease in an organ inside of my body.  Maybe it was stress or the location I was living at the time being close to Cheney Mountain or a high stress job? The maybe can go on and on…still you could have something going on in your life/your body.  Without that medical coverage or having some courage to go to the doctor you may not know until it could be too late.

I encourage you to have that yearly check up.  If your not feeling just right or an issue within yourself or a loved one keep seeking an answer.  Discover how healing it is to know yes or no, about your own health.

Being vocal has been a struggle until now in my life.  Thanks to this blog & you my readers and being able to share an intimate part of my life with others.  Thank you btw.



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