Dreams to Love or Let Go xoxo

Dreams to Love or Let Go xoxo

Dreams, a splash of hope

All is lost in my life without you

I have given all I can & I can no longer stay quiet and conformed

To what was once a final destination

We never got there together


Passion, drive my internal-light

I’ve been working at finding her

And there must be a way for her

To prosper and make it in this world


Please give me this chance

The opportunity to fulfill my

Heart spoken path


For it’s not a love of letting go

But a journey of self-Awareness

That has Awakened to the deep Spirit’s call


Sing with me softly or

Shout from the roof top with me

Be by my side or

Let me go


Be my everything,

Share me in your world

Let me be the Love of your life or

Sign the papers and let me go. 

~Katie Yavuz

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