My Soul Confession to Doc Vaj

Doc Vaj was Inspired of my Soul Confession, Listen to it asap she is deleting her archives soon. Blessings to all!

To Doc Vaj:  “A second look: Wow. Big red fire truck hun? DocVaj you read me internally more than I really wanted to hear. Yes, I am angry with nowhere to go, no where I want to voice this, but yes, energetically the Universe knows. What do I really want that still feels out of reach? I do know that this path will get me there or at least closer than I’ve ever been in my life.”

 “You have a very powerful presence, in the most loving way and stern … to provoke the Soul to confess. Please excuse me for my human behavior. My (Spirit Self) is now open and perceptive to what you are focusing me on, tuning me into, allowing me to bring into attention.”

“I do see a picture of what I love but I just don’t know all the steps to get there. I’m still raising children and so all of that feels like a block, but not entirely. Thank you kindly. Rev Katie in humility.”  END QUOTES.

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