Soar through Transparencies


All is perfect, letting go of those who don’t serve ____’s highest and best good and bringing in trust of internal truth, allowing others to believe ____’s truth.  The Divine shines over _____’s allowing of his highest and best good to prevail over all of his endeavors.


Please accept these words as if they were your own.


I Recognize the internal Spirit of the Divine opens and guides providing all things to be possible.  As every blade of grass awakens to its life so does the eternal bliss of the Divine’s guiding light.  It opens Its blissful wings soaring over, hovering over all as the great big spacious sky opens and offers It Self in rays of colors. All is possible through the mountains of the Divine through the valleys of deselect times.  There is hope in every grain of sand and a vast array of Knowingness that moves forth covering all Its creators within creatures large and small.


As I waken from my mornings slumber I realize, I am in perfect Unification with the beating of my heart, it drums a soft whisper that I know it beats for a higher purpose within me through the Divine’s eternal knowingness of something more and greater than just me.  I embrace this beat into a cleansing breath knowing through the breath of the Divine I am healed, I possess a greater living of the One Mind.  It crowds Itself against me, hugging, cradling me in Its vast greater knowingness for me in my life.  All I need to do is believe in this higher good Source is in my breath, Its in my heart beats, Its in every thought I have in each moment.  So, right now I step into a greater sense of Faith Knowing the eternal is living through me right now.  I no longer feel separated, I feel warm, loved and immersed into the gratitude I never “have to walk alone in my life”.  I “get to take a deep relaxing breath.” I “get to” change my mind.  I “get to” choose to step into positive truth in my life.  I know my words are backed up with the Divine’s Goodness and they have power to prevail any evil/negative energy that may attempt to hinder me/that may attempt to hinder _____’s mind.  The seeds of the truth will prevail and allow the good man good deeds to shine forth in and through _____today and every day.


I now am so “Happy” to Realize I am truly Happy within my eternal being.  I am able to rejoice in moments that I seclude myself knowing I may paint my way into a happy state of mind.  My motions are fluid, restorative in their transitions.  I see colors when life appears drabby.  My life is my pallet to decorate and soar within its transparency.   I am alive, free to love what and who I am.  I take care of myself with allowing my hobbies to transform any limited thinking.  I bring to life what I hold inside myself and I share this artwork within with others.  I am prosperous, I am able to grow into what Spirit has called out for me to become.  Even if I do not see the good in what life holds me back from I know I have an opportunity to push and grow from an uncomfortable experience.  I am able to take immediate action and bounce into a positive active roll.  I move beyond my ordinary bounds and reinvent my internal compass into a refreshed, creative, new thought that restores my worth and my pride.  I have a larger than life creative expression I am ready to share and provide for my family/for my house hold/ for myself.  The better and more perfect opportunity falls with ease into my lap and allows my creative positive expression to flourish and shine.  I uplift others when I am around them; allowing all to feel value and worth in themselves as I know each soul I am in contact with produces a light of the Divine, which is filled with divine purpose and I give thanks to each soul I am in contact with today.


I am so happy and Grateful now that I forgive myself of any hardships that have been transpiring in my life.  I reconnect with the God/Goddess within.  I now know my light that has felt depleted, depressed is only an expression of my separation of the indwelling love light that is within me.  I now accept and invite this eternal light back into my life with love, gratitude, prosperity and allowing me to feel lifted.  I now allow myself to love me again.  I am grateful for each soul who has entered my soul path to show me the power within myself to shine and embrace my own star that shines.  Each dream is fulfilled with centeredness and a twinkly sensation in my heart that guides me to soar and fly.  With my eternal love I thank thee for all I see and know I can be me.


In gratitude, I now am able to Release my eternal good into the Law of Right action.  I know It is the keeper of all my actions and thoughts and It will shape my seeds of thought into a beautiful outcome.  I no longer need to think how it will come to pass or how the outcome will look like. All I need to do is put my trust into the process of Love and the seed of angles will align my desires.  I know this to be my truth and allow Spirit to take control of all my worries.  I release my worries, thoughts and allow the true and perfect blessings to unfold and fulfill my life in the “Now” experience.  I raise my heart and my mind & I know it is done. It is So ~ Amen.

Rev. Katie Yavuz

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