Did you miss the importance of “Who Rev. Katie Yavuz is”?

We don’t really get very personable on here. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what are fellow peers have done in their lives. I see so many people only sharing post of what famous people do, but we all have a light to shine and validate our internal gifts.

After years of struggle and the face of who I thought I was, was destroyed by a work injury I had stayed home for over 7-9 years no longer in the publics eyes. Being involved in something greater than myself or only raising my children I had to relearn I was still important and that I still had a voice. I still had a purpose to keep moving forward.

I believe many have missed my point to why I did this and felt it was important to me. Nerve pain can cripple many area’s of a persons life.

Have you ever been to a work comp doctor’s office or even to a work comp attorney’s office?

We the disabled are shoved under a rug, asked to get up since their is always someone else who I worse off than ourselves.

Some have the mind set of “how to move forward”.  There are some of us who are bounce from Doctor to Doctor attempting to diagnose and treat what is still at a dis-ease in our bodies.  For some it takes years to move forward and hone into a new purpose filled life.  Some never make the journey and allow their bodies to condemn their fabric of life.  Their are also some who can not bear the pain of loss of self, position in life, loose their place of shelter/home/refuge, struggle beyond all means and then reach the top in their minds and take the actions to move forward.  And, for some being disabled is too great of a daily pain and end their own suffering.

I am not to condemn any of these processes of life after and injury, as I have fallen into nearly one of these categories from one point of a time or another.

Here and now, I can offer hope, through my journey to keep moving forward.

So, who is Rev. Katie Yavuz?  Call me for an interview today. 720-270-8161 MST

Rev. Katie Yavuz


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