Before Surgery I know for myself (Prayer Treatment)

Purpose of prayer for (Person’s Name) is to let go of nervousness surrounded by her/his upcoming surgery on _____, 2K14.  Please accept these words as if they were your own.
Dear Divine, I recognize you have created all things with perfection and abundance of absolute love.  I know that within each leaf on the bud of a tree it grows into a dance that is unshakable in it’s foundation of belief.  I now accept this same unshakable faith into my own life right now.  I was made whole, perfect and complete in every way.  I also know that this condition no longer serves my vessel and with the gratitude, I bless you my lord to provide blessings over my surgeon and staff’s hands as they work like angels to clear my body; allowing me (Person’s Name) to feel whole perfect and complete once more.  I am lifted in my confidence knowing I have courage of a lion, I have the passion and love to share and grow so I can dance like the leaves of the tree of life.  I know I am loved and surrender with a deep gratitude, knowing I get to love myself even more today than I did yesterday.  I also know that after the surgery I can hold this area of my body and tell it, I miss it and wish it well through the Divine guiding light of God’s love flowing through every fiber of my perfect being.  I know that the Divine light of God’s love runs through my veins as I am a child of the most high God.  God’s blood runs through mine and I am restored into perfect health.  I now give thanks for all the blessings in my life, for all the people who show their gratitude and reciprocal love back to me.  I praise the angles delivering messengers of peace, love as healers in my life.  I now release this prayer as God knows what is in my heart before I ever speak my thoughts.  I am uplifted, I am healthy, I am kind to myself and I tell my body I love it! It is So~Amen.
05282014 © Yavuz, Katie Rev.Image

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