Chaplin Pastoral Education Training-Am I doing enough?

Have you ever wondered if you were doing enough in your life? How about when your all done with that degree? What do you do next? For me I started a business in Officiating Wedding’s and Memorials. I resigned from a church setting to expand my own Ministry, to treat myself the way I wanted to be treated with more respect and even dare to dream bigger than I have in a very long time.

I took a few brief meetings with Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute; Benjamin Weeda, Co-Founder, Client Outreach Manage, ,o: 720-941-5037 c: 720-314-9631…Excellent help BTW.

I jumped head first into Officiating and took a sidesaddle turn into our 1st Amendment, Freedom of Religion. I became Ordained online due to frustration with bureaucracy within a Church setting. I truly want the freedom to express who I am without needing a board telling what I choose to do in my own professional business, that may go against or competes with the churches Minister and doctrine. Obviously you can see this is a sore subject for me that still requires healing.

My business has been up and running since February 2014. Week to week or day to day, I feel lulls and busy periods. I love writing Ceremonies! However, something was still missing. The opportunity came up for me to apply with Center’s for Spiritual Living Education & Learning program. I felt a connect with the Chaplin Pastoral Education Training program they offer.

I’m on my 1st Unit in CPE/T. As I read the required material I feel at home, I feel I am where I need to be. This is most defiantly a NEED for me. To be where I belong. To serve where life feels natural to me. To offer my listening skills and my heart of experiences…

I need CPE/T to serve others for all those unpleasant experiences in my life and understand that although life has wrong doings that those experiences allow me to have a broader understanding into human life and bring meaning in my life…

This will enable me to connect into the fabric of life’s earth tones-the invisible veil is like an umbilical cord that connects yourself to others and be there with compassion. (Deep Breath) My skills in meditation, the healing arts of Reiki/Massage Therapy/Crainiosacral Therapy/Trauma Touch Therapy/Oncology Massage/Practitioner Studies/Officiating/safeTalk suicide prevention and the many other qualifications through a Bachelor’s in Religious Studies have gained experience in helping others. I would even consider my experience being in a Correctional facilities as gained experience in helping others in all forms and walks in life.

I now will be embarking on an Internship with Littleton Adventist Hospital and I will be on the side lines of writing and social media during this phase in my life. (Saturday weddings will be continuing.) I would like to thank all of you that Endorse me and my skills right now! I am building my skills to better serve you and others. If you would like more treatment prayers; visual meditations; poetry or something more please reach out to me via email at: Personal sessions are available by appointment only.

All is well today,

~Rev. Katie Yavuz



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