A Treatment for you & those you love with the perfection of health; your body function & harmony.


Please accept these words as if they were your own:

recognize that the here and now is in present moments, in these present moments I experience the greatness of the Divine in all things large and within monecular units. The divine feeds, flourishes and rejuvenates all things in Its perfection of thought and form.  From the whisper of the wind I breath in, to the soft monocots in the grass that I press my feet upon in the summer time; I know the perfect of the Divine is there feeding Its perfection.  I am unified in know this same greatness lives in each experience I encounter.  Each moment I make a thought-filled choice, I know I am reaching to the indwelling choice of the like Goddess/God inside myself.   I recognize each time I look in the mirror, I know I am seeing the perfection of the Divine living through me.  I speak kind words of love into my reflection as I know I am speaking to my higher-self, my Christ like self and refilling Divine Sacred Love into the perfection of the Divine in me.  I am one with the indwelling presence and am able to feel complete in knowing my Divinity through Its presence.   I see myself, my body restored into the Divine One Healing Mind & I know, I am well.  I know the healing power is in more than only one thing.  I know my conscious thought will bring power into knowing what my body needs, in perfect timing.  I know with each conscious choice I feed both my body & soul with the fruit of love.  I know through each bit of healthy choices is an ointment of the Divine power reinstating It’s assurance of measure.  I know natures medicine is restorative and mitigates It’s delivery.   I am so happy to be able to feel the deep gratitude  and pleasure of the Divine presence working through me.  I know I need to do nothing more, only to go directly to my source and allow It to command It’s will of perfection of health over my entire being.  I let go & let god.  I now release this prayer into the vast space of the One Mind knowing it know exactly what I need to live in harmony within my own space, my body.  The perfection of healing has already taken place & now I step to the side an allow it to flood my mind & body as the anointment begins. It is so! ~Amen. With indwelling love & support ©Katie Yavuz 720-270-8161

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