Mother Oracle

As I look further into my own belief system, I was asked by a dear colleague who is a RabbSpider Web infinityi; He asks me what Faith are you, Katie?

As I have been reflecting upon this question, I never felt it needed defining until this morning.  I see fields of green, a washed out smear of colors in the sky, I clean starting from the East and nearly all things I do end in the West.  Many ideas of just listening to the rhythm of my own drum is one of many practices I do.  The creative flow I had as a child discovering what I could do within nature itself.  The relationship I had with nature and man-made products and how I fit into, this thing called life.  I enjoy the discovery of what works for me and what I can let go…I enjoy what I can “Let go, with ease” as a natural process.

I choose to know that within my own being-ness, there is a greater force, which I cannot see.  I have felt this presence; “It” has healed me, “It” has guided me, “It” speaks through me.  This greater force is part of the eternal flow that is within all of us.  I know I am the one who can step away from “It” and “It” will never forsake me.  I know I can return to “It” at any point and know I am doing the right thing, in the right moment as I experience “Its” effects in the creative droplets in my life.  “It” cleanses me, just as it preserves “It” also takes away.  The “It” is the invisible and “It” is not something anymore you or I can define.

I believe in the Trinity being sacred that All Faiths have their place.  The tides of our lives have a constant flow of good and it is what we call into our lives with intention that defines how we walk in our life with the Great Divine Spirit; with God, with Allah and all the other wonderful names beyond 99 names-The Infinite Creator.

It is not a clear definition to me of “What I believe in” It’s more of “Who am I within-All of Life”.  My faith of traditions and belief’s sway like the wind, ever changing as the sea of tides disrupt the ambiance that sounds “Its” latitude and longitude.  I believe in the Oneness of nature and all the 99 names of Allah/God; I see the likeness in the creation in many traditions greater than to my own.  My Intra-Faith would be me, “The Great I Am.”

I Am, what I say I Am.  This goes further than a quick look of who is Christian, Buddhist, Hinduism, Muslim, Celtic/Wiccan/Pagan, Native American, Shaman, Judaism, Religious Science,  and all the other names of all religions of the world.

If today I practice Totem Medicine-I draw a very powerful presence not only to a sleeping state of mind.  In my walking physical life these elements are drawn to me with great power beyond me doing anything more than thinking or speaking about them.

Within the same day I also practice the goodness of the Oneness that is in us all through Science of Mind Principles.  Many foundations formed into a greater whole within me and all the infinite cannot be separated.  I choose not to practice one particular religion, as I see the Light of Good in all things and it is not for me to even judge myself.  So, I let go of this attachment and when deemed fit. I Am accepted within myself, as all our greatest judgments are from within our own thinking.  The only refection of judgement should be coming from the Infinite creator not a peer, or a neighbor.   We are to love one another right now!

Just as if anything you say, has any power over your life-you inadvertently Activate that power greater than you.

It was a wake-up call to me suddenly last night after the circumstance had already taken place, then I reflected back and saw it from a whole new point of view.

My daughter and I were taking a walk up some stairs and her right hand glided right over/next to a young Black Widow Spider.  It had occurred to me at the time to educate my four year old about “Red & Black, Get Back”.  Even as we traveled to the local park meeting another fine grandmother, I told her the story and she returned with a similar rhyme of a totem that is local to her area.  Though most of my instinct declared this woman was Christian, it’s a hidden thought of where all these sayings and belief practices originated from?  It is not for me to decide, it is within our own hearts to know what is right for ourselves.  I will not rebut, take part in debates as I have evolved into the Spirit of the Infinite and if you want my Spirit name for this season in my life I am now, in this moment: “Mother Oracle”.

Mother Oracle is the I am: rare, uncommon unpredictable.  I am a shape-shifter, as the water flows through me from the river to the sea.  I am in the form of water/nature/elements to the physical through transcendent thought I call to the animals and can form into the tides of the silver moon.  I shift without notification ever changing as the moods of my alignment flows in each new moment.

Mother Oracle is both tranquil and can shift into a horned tempest.  Allowing the osmosis of transformation to guide, shift and transport all poisonous thoughts into… a whole new mystical Truth to the Oneness we all are.

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