Transformative Healing

Some recent research within my life and those lives that I reach are feeling a restriction of the energetic flow that glows from within.  When we restrict this energy flow we begin to cripple our Spiritual life from the inside out.  I never knew there was a name for the experience I went through in 2011.

Nowed7002c4f20eed2db626f9165e73db8b bringing light into the front of my consciousness I now see living through this traumatic experience has taught me more about the natural process of Spiritualism within my own inner being.

So the work I have learned for a deep emotional release is “Kundalini”.

12 signs of a Spiritual Awakening A few but not all of these thoughts apply, so take what feels right to you and leave the rest behind.  Remember what feels wrong from another author maybe a sign of you already accomplished that aspect earlier in your life.  It is also the evolution of what the author experienced in their life the time they wrote the article.  It doesn’t make me right or them wrong-It’s about accepting what feels good and leaving the rest behind (not attaching to the “other stuff”. # 9,10, 11 & 12 where a big part of my life in 2011 & in 2013 with losses of two miscarriages that I have mentioned in other posts.

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