Un-Inventing the wheel

What happens if my approach is to Un-Invent the wheel?

What would happen if I told you about life how it really is, how it is for me or the (__) fake name of a client?

All I see others sharing is what Someone else is doing vs Being Who they are from the inside.

I get comments like, why don’t you write about how your experience helps someone change?  Is it not our own personal responsibilityreiki-healing-hands-e1324243027391 to actually do that work ourselves?

Who am I to tell you, how to change your life?!  This is an inside job.

Most of us always have the inside answer, we just don’t want to believe it for ourselves; we may think “oh, well what can I do about it-the problem”?

What happens if we just go within and think about what we could be doing?  Maybe that one small achievement will reap a better reward than that of the “no action” that we typically take?  This is something to think about.  I noticed Stats dropping when I introduced the idea of different belief’s- religious belief’s.  Some who are or could be the “mainstream Christian’s”.

I still believe in the Oneness for ALL-All religions, faiths, orientations, relationships-we all are really the product of our own thinking of how we perceive ourselves in this life.

Some of us are poets, artist, faithful to only one religion and some are “too open too everything”.  So, we all face judgements from others or duality from within.

Just think about How Original you are and how you project your life into all these little moments.  I think it and will my life to be an on going expression of my indwelling truth.

Someday’s I may conform and other days; I might be Asto-Traveling with the Imagination of the Creative living through me as it also does with you.

Bless it be

We are One and the same reflection

It is so~ Amen.

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