2014 Happy Thanksgiving

The change of Silence can no longer stay silent.  Yes, Many of us are desiring

“CHANGE” and we are now making our demands loud and clear.download

Finding a graceful way of doing this can be difficult but this has been my approach.

I am so thankful & grateful for: _______ that you are doing/making me feel in my life.

Your best qualities are: ________________.

I need CHANGE in the way I am being treated this is what I am experiencing:________________________.

Are you willing to be a Leader with me by my side?

Demanding the change through Leadership skills.  1st we Teach and Demonstrate what we want to happen.  Next we stand by our significant and allow them to try it for themselves. Next, we do it with them & truly allow both parties to be independent of their own life roles but when they come home-we do everything together as a team. Shared responsibilities, share the small stuff to the big stuff and be thankful they are in our lives! Bless it be ~ It is so. Amen


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