2014 Happy Holiday Clients, Readers & Colleagues

2014 Holiday Greetings Colleges (2)  (Typo of Colleges which I meant to be Colleagues.)

We wish you a Happy Holiday & Safety to be a new number one issue.

Today, speaking with a client and driving; a busy father decided to rush across and intersection and nearly T-boned me with my children in the car.  Yes, mom & dads out there, I was talking on a bluetooth & I had the right away as he clearly blew the stop sign he was at.

It scared my son to nearly that non-stop talk about what trauma had just happened.  We revisited that area a few hours latter to demonstrate the rule of driving and to prove I was in the clear…Thank goodness to my Angels who work over time for me; keeping me and my children safe.  Thank goodness to my brakes and the light heartedness I felt the compassion of this mans mistake as he pulled off the road to recover from his scare.

I felt alive and refreshed to feel thankful in that moment.  I didn’t feel anger and I would owe this good behavior and attitude to my dear friend Paul Santisi whom I have never met but has helped me so many nights when I meditate to feel good about my presence on this planet (Earth).

It’s okay to just slow down; take a little longer to get from where you want to go this holiday season.

Blessings to you my dear readers, friends, clients & colleagues-If you have a prayer and would like to try our services please give the code: 2014XMAS as a $15 discount on any of our services.

  • Spiritual/Prayer Practitioner/Pastoral Care (Counseling of the soul)
  • Individual/Family Movement Meditation
  • Learn your Spiritual Path
  • House Blessings with one-on-one Spiritual Care of your home (minimum 2 hour session for most 2 story homes.)
  • Officiant Services: Memorials & Event Videography (prices vary please call for your quote today).

Rev. Katie Yavuz L. RScP

Conscious Thought with Katie

P.O. Box 1081

Parker, CO 80134

720-270-8161 MST

Serving South Metro Area in CO

Traveling out of the State of CO additional fee’s apply

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