Conforming to the Social Norm

Conforming to the Social Normcreate your own religion

Both government and religious movements have become too restricted for the benefit of “We the People”.  All these rules and regulations have a consistency of stripping our own religious freedom and the enjoyment of our freedom.

I previously wrote about the new laws in Colorado for Spiritual Healers.  I believe this to be a confrontation of our 1st Amendment.

I would agree to keep the 10 commandments (with moderate changes per belief systems) and the many Constitutional rights.  For those of us that want religious freedom and do nothing wrong meaning we are, Law abiding citizens; we have ethics but, we speak freely on taboo topics we should not be held back on our rights through various organizations.

I am being told I am not standing ethically calling myself a Reverend being a minister of Universal Life Church & Monastery (as it is miss leading).  No-it’s assumptions of certain organizations that are misleading our constitutional rights by putting rules that take away our freedoms.

We have all heard the benefits of the word of scripture of these next few words: “God appointed me” this path after an injury and following with Cancer.  I did not choose this path to be a Minister.  However, the Divine pushed this and revealed a new way for me to move forward in my life. Ministerial pathway was presented to me through visions. Ask & It Is Given by Abraham Hicks.  I never knew how this would take place or with what church.

I was attending a good Non-Denominational Christian Church but was lead to a Science of Mind Church and previous to the Christian Church I attended a Spiritual Science Church (Metaphysical & Christian).  Guidance was provided to me through Divine intervention; no person; organization or group. When you follow your “highest good” and follow the directions from your Higher self who or what you may call that: God the Divine, Allah, Buddha, Krishna…I was appointed by God to do this work-not by an organization.

I understand we all need to know origins of religion and some believe we must quote verbatim-I don’t believe in verbalism (quoting everything from any spiritual book at least not all the time).  This is the recycling bin or repeating and not co-creating for ourselves.  We must break the cycle and create our own understanding of our own religion if these organizations are going to keep manipulating our Divine given rights.

I bet you think differently?  I bet I am pissing some of you off, maybe a few of you agree with me? Do you believe on conformity?  Do you believe any given church has the right to tell you where you can study and what right thinking really is?  Do you feel that organizations have to set these unfair regulations in order to have control of their own religion?  I ask you-If Religious Science is “Open to all beliefs” why does it matter where I have been appointed to be a Reverend?  Help me to understand…the diverse belief to control. I understand they don’t want any “Tom, Dick or Hairy” to be in “their organization who doesn’t know about their specific religion; but if a person is a life time learner of Spiritual studies why should one be rejected and forced to conform to that given rule?

I also-will not respond to which “Organization” I am referring to. Many organizations follow this line of action and I’m not sure if I can surrender my 1st amendment.

Please share your thoughts or write to .

We are appointed to WAKE UP & teach…context is different for every individual on this earth!.

This is the whole reason I left a previous church because the “Real topics” I want to talk about and treat with high regard are taboo.

Let it be known world that I hold many beliefs.  From the foundation of “Christianity” to Shamanism & Native American & Neo-Pagan; meditation teaching from Buddhism and other Eastern cultures and to put it into a spin Religious Science teaches tolerance and using all teachings of the world of religions per any person’s beliefs.

I am a Law abiding citizen, good standing ethics and deserve to be treated with respect with our USA Amendments & Constitutional rights-Just as you have the same rights if you are a United State citizen & global religious freedom as we conform to shall not hurt others and propose a better future of combined Interfaith religions.

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