Beautiful, Great & Fabulous

Beautiful, Great & Fabulous, to be able to think and create freedom of expression from within. I know I am crossing danger zones with my context; so many of you will find my context boring and irrelevant to their lives.

Helen Falls, CO
Helen Falls, CO

You may judge and think I’m narcissistic for how I write-Really, I will tell you, this is one of the first moments in my life I have put myself first. I put myself first in my writing because I am the one having the experience. “Write about what you know and about the experience…”

I would love to share with you a few inspiring quotes from this nicely prepared childrens book Title: A Home for Mr. Emerson By: Barbara Kerley & Edwin Fotheringham. I read this book to my four year old cover to cover…I enjoyed it more than she did but It really shares both an adventure, history and the writings and thoughts of Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

My review of this book is Beautiful, Great & Fabulous! *****

This book inspired and fired me up about events in my own life and of my previous post: Conforming to the Social Norm.

Quotes that this book brings forward:

“Trust thyself,” Believe “what is true for you in your private heart.” Believe that “integrity of your own mind.”

“Every Spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world…Build therefore your own world.”…and then he hoped to turn his journal books into lectures supporting his self-guided listening tools into profit and support his family. How important is it to create a life that you can support and help others?

Emerson has been expired for over a century and his thoughts of his writing have lived on. He can be a hard read for some-I enjoy his writings as one line can have so many meanings. Much of his work are run-on sentences due to his thought process and I can relate to that style of writing.

Each individual deserves the same chances at life; if we demoralize one person we are demoralizing ourselves by demonstrating rejection is key to conformity-which is not much more that intellectual abuse like those who call corporal punishment on children is a crime. Corporal punishment can have it’s effects on children yes-but just like having a Rich Dad vs a Poor Dad doesn’t mean that every person turns into criminal it’s more like nature v.s. nurture (criminal justice 101 folks).

Stop the Dogma of Organizations jeopardizing our Constitutional rights! Let’s think and stand up for ourselves. Needing to tell all our insider stuff and ostracizing our belief patterns to “conform to one religious belief and rules” is hog wash.

It’s easy but not simple to achieve Happiness in our lives…a Topic on TedX (Speaks) Talks…interesting.LOL Mel Robbins will fool you“F—You—How to stop screwing yourself over”…

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