It’s all coming back to me now…

It’s all coming back to me now, between the Flashes of Light and dreams that take flight in the night. Since before Christmas my life has been in review. Dreams of the past needing to heal. Like your heart is ripped out all over again to discover what wrongs you did that you must now take action to make those right.

copyright: Katie Yavuz

Have you been there? Maybe it’s been a past love, or a close friend. Maybe a co-worker that you said something behind their back…It came to me in a dream that I needed to write this person a gratitude letter and mail it to them. Then a friendly Co-Intern took me to a seminar and the interesting part at the end of the Resilience training was confirmation to yes, do this work.

A man who never had been in a church to bring his message of the scientific facts of what us Spiritual Leaders have been doing for eyons. Dr. Bryan Sexton of Duke University bridged my confirmation of what I need to do for healing.

What is getting in my way of completing this task? A confidential health matter that I would like your help in finding a Neurosurgeon please in the State of Colorado. Beyond only health is the next of kin in the other person’s life-how will I know it reaches that person that I need to make my peace with?

I also, strongly believe that after spending more than 461 hours interning as a chaplain at a local hospital in Colorado and all the passing of life with families in bereavement; that I am experiencing some grieving of their losses. I also miss not being at the hospital and helping those who are experiencing loss. So for the other healers or reverends out there how do you deal with the grieving process of those you have helped?

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