Are you helping yourself?

Are you helping yourself?lat-2ega3g8 seed g

God is Great, God is Good…Are you helping yourself when you read scripture? Just as a New Thought comes into play and action is taken on the seed of thought; are you really taking in what the Divine is providing you or are you on autopilot?

Sometimes it takes an extra shove & sometimes the Divine Light has something different in mind for you to help you get there. So, if the awakening experience isn’t as wonderful for you as it maybe for your peers; let’s have a second or third take on what “we CAN DO”.

If we as “Spiritual Leaders” are doing our five step prayers; reading whatever gospel speaks to us and we are writing our gratitude list out and we are still feeling empty-What are we doing that we are blocking our Divine good measure?

I will admit it has taken me several weeks to comprehend the “Why” I can or can not do what the typical organization has been telling me to do. I tried to take it in-but as I felt I was doing no wrong, I was still experiencing this rebelling sensation of why am I under attack?

It is the “Socialism” that is now running this country. If you don’t have a credential for what you are co-creating yourself in becoming then you are now becoming an unethical person? Is that what I am to understand; that using the Science behind the “Secret” or in the “Christian’s Secret” we are all being cattle driven by a new norm of effects?

So, now we can or can’t co-create a life for ourselves expressed through creativity; if we don’t have the “proper credential to back it up”?. So, if any of us are at work co-creating a new life for ourselves does it mean that the social norm says we have to do it their way or the highway? I don’t believe this is a fair assumption and regulating every aspect of a person’s professional life needs to come with a PhD…It doesn’t mean every person out there is a con-artist.

Why not judge if the person has a clean background or how they raise their children; if they have a clean home or if they live on the streets or if they are disabled and want a new life for themselves. We are taking away our own “Rights of For We are The People” as they co-create a new work position that will work for them vs against themselves. Has the work place really change that drastically in the last 10 years?

We have been appointed to live a happy peaceful life-Not All of us have that around the glob. So I now ask you to look within your heart and see “other’s that don’t have the exact credential you are seeking” to look past what they don’t have and see the benefits of what they do have to offer.

Who do you serve? God the Divine Lord/Goddess from within or something external that orders you to live a life of regulation and unfulfillment?

Today, I am speaking for those who want a better life for themselves, who may not have all the tools or financial ways to get that “credential”. For those who are tired of being miss treated in the work force by employers and co-workers. For those who are disabled and are desperately seeking a new way to have that better life or American dream to come true for them.

We are all one and through the Divine guiding light that glows within you, I know you too can have a little more compassion for someone else’s journey and look past what they don’t have and see their light. ~Amen It is so!

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