Love is an inside job

Where does Love come from?  Love Me_2015KYavuz

Where do you begin to Love yourself?  Don’t we already do that as healers, as mothers, as wives, as husbands, as higher beings, as practitioners, as ministers, as therapists; don’t we already Love ourselves as we see others in the Divine’s light?  Don’t we already do self care, have we fallen and didn’t even know it?

Are our health concerns growing within our own bodies and are we taking care of the Divine presence from within? Do we think we are doing all that can be done by going to our own health check-ups, we pray for others healings through our own consciousness which brings healing through us as everything beings and ends in the mind of the practitioner what ever kind of practitioner you are.

What soul rhythm meets you?  How are you loving yourself?  My silence was me listening to the Divine within these last several weeks.  Since before Christmas my life has been in review.  From the Earth level of conditions and experiences life has changed for me.  My soul path has made struggles that only now have been clear to me why they have occurred.  I was off track of my soul mission.  I needed to get silent to re-calibrate the transition of ascension that this new awakening experience is taking many of use on these new journeys.  In the beginning of this experience the changes and conflicts where socially painful, emotionally hard.  The light was turned back on in my heart yesterday thanks to Denver’s wonderful Acupuncturist Physician Dr. R. Bondi.  She is amazing, she performs miracles on the entire body!

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