StreetStrider Elliptical that I see smiles on every rider.

Hey All,

I know I’ve been going through long periods of not writing to you-Some days this self love stuff gets hard…Really as a parent, a wife and putting most of my ministry on hold for self care.Streetrider

So I tried the Joe Cross’s Juicing and I replaced one meal a day for 5 days.  I lost 6 lbs. and gained it all back in just few days when I returned to a regular with food at every meal diet.  I loved the clean out effect. I loved how it cleansed my pallet on my tongue. I loved loosing those 6 lbs of water weight the first 2 days all I did was expel urine.  It jump started b.m. movements…that’s great when your a person who takes prescribed medication and can get plugged up.

Really this self love regiment has taken on a mind of it’s own and I admit I haven’t stayed 100 % committed everyday or every week.  It’s almost like declaring a new religion to make the necessary changes.  It has made me question everything in my life.  From who am I?  Who do I want to be?  What status do I want to achieve? How do I want to look? Can I accept who I am even the not so wonderful parts about me?  Who do I love in myself and what is that spark I love in others?  What are the things I dislike about me?  How do I stop allowing other words of other opinions hurt me?  How can I parent better?  How can I fit into a church setting again when I repel the system, or when I repel others?

I am learning how to take each moment in a better, slower pace and finding who I was from before chaos became life. Who was I when my hobbies where very important to me?  How did I just allow my creativity to flow from me?  How am I really calling in the Divine and into how good I am with gratitude?  What does that look like for me?  I have been calling in to the Divine (prayer) for me to be in service with my talents that allow me to be me-not how the world wants me to be.  I’m learning what I really believe in and were my humanness still needs work with conviction and self confidence.  I’m learning how I am and the choices I make, create my outcome in life.  If I don’t like how the day has gone, I look to either be conscious to change it the next day or reclaim the old habit.

Over the summer of 2014 I saw a man riding and Elliptical Cycle, I never thought about it much until now when I’m talking to a client and family about how a person with server joint pain and how to get them moving again.  The best case is to get them doing aquatic exercises in a zero gravity simulation.  However, I know this client well enough that he does most everything from home and rarely leaves his home.  The client works and is motivated in work but via the experience of disc joint damages and intolerable pain it’s easier to sit and be in pain vs move and be in pain.

I keep telling the kids I’m getting ride of the couch and putting in a home gym that way when I want to relax and zone out, I really have no excuse to exercise and move.  Will this happen most likely not-but the idea sounds sweeter every time. Lol

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