419 Single Ladies scam alert

Who starts off their profile messages off with double question marks? (??) Who sends women private messages when we clearly state we are married with children on our profiles? Single, Married or in a committed relationship-Ladies be aware when compliments are being sent to you via private messages. When you learn they have no regard for proper grammar, from (men/women) who contact you and something feels off within you. It is most likely a tell-tell sign that your intuition is telling you to research something more. Yes, you get to become the investigator. Great idea before you meet a person face to face or give away what your children do for a living and so forth.

I’m writing to let you know a contact among us is not legit and they have changed their tactic from winning the fake lottery to now a dating scam. The old rule some of you have may heard the story of the man loosing his wife 3-5 years ago and a sad story follows where they haven’t dated since? So you reach out even if your only interest is to help the person find their middle ground and realize they can find that special someone once again.

So the below letter has been edited slightly to protect information but you will be able to see a pattern as this letter is clearly a plugin template.

Warning, this is a real email I recieved-Please keep the name confidential and I am only notifying LinkedIn and it’s users/connections to warn women of real scams, happening in real time.

Heart Scam

March 11, 2015 at 1558 hours

“Hello (Your Name),

Now i know you will be thinking i have totally forgotten about you , right .. ?NOWAY ! .. I will never and ever forget you because you are stuck in my head like forever .. ha!ha!ha! .. Too excited i am able to write to you now (see double hyphens) ,, and i hope we will continue to talk even though you think this will not go further — you are wrong ! .. There is surely a chance for us to be together forever ; All we need is time and i know with that , we will be able to work this out .. Emoji.. I have so much believe in us but please get this : I am a very patient man and really taking my time to build this correspondence with you ; I can see this leading to something bigger and better , and you know what i mean .. lol .. After all , who would want to lose you — definitely not me .. ! .. So all i can say for now is that , let’s keep our communication moving and with time , we will get there .. ! Anyway , thank you so much for taking time to write to me — i am so honored .. lol .. Well , i will like to take this chance to tell you more about me and i hope that you are also able to do the same .. Will you .. ? OK , here we go : So like i said , I am so excited to have exchange mails with you on LinkedIn and I must confess that you are a very interesting woman ; You have really boosted my interest in you and that is no JOKE .. ! I really want to get to know all about you .. lol .. I am new to this and for that matter this whole internet dating stuff ; I joined a few weeks ago and I can say with all happiness that , you are the first person ( Of course the only woman ) i chose to have contact with from that site among the lot , and i don’t think i will be looking further for another contact .. Emojihappy.. I want to take my time to get to know you very well and see where it leads us .. I hope you understand me ..”

K: (Heads up ladies someone who asks these questions are either possessive or are fishing)

How long have you been on LinkedIn? How many men do you have contact with at the moment ? .. Tell me …. I want to take my time to get to know you very well and see where it leads us .. I hope you understand me .. How long have you been on LinkedIn? How many men do you have contact with at the moment ?.. Tell me ..”

K: (In a previous message all I heard was pain, so thinking as a Spiritual Practitioner I thought I could help. This man clearly didn’t read my profile as I clearly state in my summary that I am a wife and have children. Did I over react? No, as you see above I discovered information about this contacts name that had me floored.)

“Ever since i lost my wife 5yrs ago , I have not been active with my ‘dating life’ until now ; I had stayed away from dating and concentrated on my work all these while , but i am so ready to give it a go at this point in my life since i am so fortunate to have my (xx)year old son still around ; He schools in Cuba now as he’s studying medicine , and he wants me to find a woman to love .. I love him so much and i hope he’s able to achieve his dreams of becoming a surgeon someday .. Cool huh .. lol .. Anyway , Do you have any children .. ? If yes , what are the names and what do they do for a living .. ? .. .. OK tell me something : How come a beautiful woman ( love your pic on LinkedIn ) like you is still single .. ? .. I want to know .. It will interest you to know that , I am searching for the right woman to spend the rest of my life with , my first priority at this stage in my life — like the adage goes ‘ All Work And No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy ‘.. I don’t want be a dull boy if you understand what i mean .. Ha!ha!ha! .. I have missed the touch of a woman for a long time and to have the feeling back , will be a dream come true .. I look for true love and happiness with that woman i wish to find — i will make her happy all her life .. lol .. Never to lie to her or cheat on her but always to be faithful , loyal , loving , caring , understanding , truthful , respectful to her .. Above all , trust her with all my heart because that is what i think will SEAL the love i will share with her .. Wouldn’t it .. ? .. I hope you understand me .. I really have a lot of love to give/share with my future partner and i hope to discover that with a beautiful woman like you .. LOL ..What are actually looking for .. ? What makes you happy and sad .. ? Tell me ..”

K: (So that part tries to lure you into what he wants you to start trusting in him. Below I ask you, who talks about themselves in third person?***The 4 photo’s this person attached only two looked legit-the second two showed him taking his picture with his phone in his hand that looks like he was taking pics of another person doing the same thing. A red flag in my Law Enforcement experience.)

K: (Also, His schooling has a different name attached to his name, which could be him for real or it could be that he has stolen this name and that would sincerely be a shame.)

“Now , let me tell you more about my background :- HIS NAME is my full name .. I work for the United state Secret Service of the Central Intelligence Agency, and I really love it .. Emoji.. YES ! I really like it ( my work ) because it is all i do to be happy / or to keep active .. lol .. I travel sometimes with my work but have not done that lately .. Now tell me : What kind of work do you do .. ? How passionate are you about your work .. ? How is a typical day at work like for you .. ? How many hours do you work in a day or a week .. ? Do you like to travel .. ? Does your work permit you to travel sometimes .. ? What are some of the challenges you face in your profession .. ?Tell me more .. ABOUT FAMILY : I was born the only child and my parents ( all deceased ) were from American ( father ) and Spanish ( Mom ) descent respectively — call me the Latin American .. ha!ha!ha! .. Have you ever met a Latin American before .. ? .. Well i think i will be the first , right .. lol .. I look forward to that anyway ..Emoji.. Do you have any siblings .. ? I am must confess that , i really like my correspondence with you and i hope that we continue to stay in contact to see where it leads to .. What are your short and long term goals .. ? .. Tell me more ..”

K: (What do I do for a living? Why send me a message if you don’t read a persons profile? These can be personal questions about your work habits. ***Red Flag*** Do they want to follow you? What is your personal safety? What information are you giving away freely?)

HIS NAME loves everything and when it comes to my interests/hobbies , i like Golf , Tennis , Swimming , Reading , Hiking etc .. I drive and love to travel like i said .. Do you drive .. ? Do you drink and smoke .. ? I don’t smoke but i am a social drinker — I don’t drink too much anyway .. lol .. A little of a hard liquor and i am off .. ha!ha!ha!ha! .. However , Hennessy is my favorite Cognac and i guess you’ve tasted that before .. Haven’t you .. ? .. LOL … (Your Name) i believe that everybody has his/her own way of staying happy and these are some of the ways i get myself in that mood .. lol .. Until i find that special woman , i know there will not be 100% happiness on my side , right .. ? .. But i still hope for the best and to find that special woman soon ( hoping you become the one for me ; Not in a rush anyway .. LOL )”

K: (Are you seeing the patterns in the writing? Do you see the changing of highlighted information being asked if you only read the black sentences verse the blue sentences? Ladies, it’s easy to fall for someone’s words who you think can fulfill your life in a different way or in my case wanting to help someone in their life and they just assume things about you and don’t research/investigate more about you. Awe-So, if this person really works for the United States Secret Service wouldn’t you think they would investigate more into who you are and what you do? ***Red Flag*** You can clearly hear this man does nothing of the sort and I would think he would have much better grammar and punctuation than me.)

“Where are you located in the state .. ? .. Have you ever been to FL before .. ? I want to know .. It is a very beautiful state and you will love it here .. Do you live in the city or country side .. ? Do you live alone and in your own house .. ? Do you have any pets .. ? Tell me more .. lol .. I live alone with a house keeper and my lovely animals — Jack ( the dog ) and Darcy ( the cat ) .. Do you have any pets .. ? If yes , what are their names .. ? Tell me more”

K: (These are all innocent questions right? Wrong, if the person had interest in you he would at least know where you live by your profile even on LinkedIn.)

“OK , I think i have written enough about myself so i will end here before you get bored reading this .. lol .. I will be looking forward to read from you soon — write soon ! .. I have attached some pics and i hope you like them ; Send me some of yours too !”

“Until then , i will be waiting .. Mwah!”

“Take care and be good — Good Afternoon!
His Name

K: (You have the right to know what is going on. I investigated further and sent some easy questions in return to see if he would follow up on my questions-He did not reply. It just goes to show that people are fishing to scam and being safe and careful is high on my list to help myself and my colleges do the same. Be safe my friends!~Namaste, Katie Yavuz)

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