Letting go of Fear

Who knew Blue Crab were scary?
Who knew Blue Crab were scary? Katie Yavuz 2015

Letting go of Fear

The world is unknown…

I take a breath in and I let in the refreshing essence of my true soul.

I save myself from the nothingness that haunts me from within.

I trust my actions to be clear and true to my own Divine Nature.

The crabby nature left in my Zodiac Sign is just exactly that-A sign to show me how to come out of my shell!  Speak and Live my truth for me while being a gentle and creative creature.

I allow my body to move freely and I let go of any fears of being imperfect as I know in the mind of the Divine I was created with a heart and soul endless of shape, movement or figure telling me I do or do not need to like myself.

I express myself with love, respect and trusting myself to continue to do the correct thing, in a perfect manner, doing the right thing for myself and when other’s are involved.  I respect me to say “No” or “Yes” with appropriate calm behavior.

I let go of the fear by extending my out breaths into exaggerated sounds of “AWE” in the morning and “OM” in the evening.  This ritual is of life, seeking the inner most truth of goodness to express in my life.

I now match my behavior with my actions, expressing myself to live the life I want to create for myself.  I engage in the activities that will inspire and activate a positive out come for my dreams and desires to flourish and live prosperously.  I am the creative whole, who controls myself from within my own mind.  I freely give all my concerns to the Infinite.

05/06/2015 Mantra: I am more than my shell and I release the fear that keeps me within.  I express my needs and desires freely knowing I release the best within myself when I give myself this voice of release.  I gently request my needs and I firmly stick to my boundaries.  I know where my safety lies and I truthfully express myself now.

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