What is your Reflection saying about you?

Copyright KWYavuz2015

Our Reflections speak like the shadow of dark daylight of our own soul…So How are you speaking about yourself?  The Map that leads you to you are you speaking kindness to yourself and about yourself or are you shutting the window to your soul down?

We must guard our words of putdowns and criticism about others-Why do we not watch our words that we speak about ourselves?

In the process of all the “WHY’s” we can start in this moment in correcting and changing how we feel about ourselves from the inside out.

Go ahead and turn your back on the world for a moment and come within.  I know I can begin again even when I mess up and correct my words that I say about myself to me, about me and to others about me.

I can love myself from within 1st as I bring that into my aura and through each of my chakra’s.  I immerse my goodwill into my own body, my own self and know that I am worthy of good in all area’s of my life.

I let go, of any and all negative self talk…This means no more “what if’s”; “if only” and so forth.  I now replace that talk into “What I can do Now; What I can do Today or this moment”.  I can hug myself; even make love to myself and tell myself that all will be okay.  I can allow the deep immersed embodiment of the Divine to move through my body and heal myself with this self love.

I move more freely Now knowing I love myself to do what I need to do for me in this moment and It is so~Amen.

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