What’s going on???

Bear Creek, CO Copyright: K.Wamsley 2006
Bear Creek, CO
Copyright: K.Wamsley 2006

Dear Followers,

Thank you for staying loyal and kind; as I work through and process what getting “real with self love”.  actually I see it hasn’t served me to go silent not to give my whole life everyday to blogging or the internet.  So like we all hear many times is finding balance in all that we do will allow us to experience more happiness.

I talk on topic’s of interest to me hoping and longing to find what that direction in life is my true calling to help others.  This has always come my souls purpose and finding those who actually like what I have to say.  We all deserve that as human beings and as I hear more often in order to be a good writing you must also be a reader.

Reading out loud really tripped me up last year.  Slurring words where another hick-up of vocal production for me.

Some close co-spiritualist invertly thought I produced more unhealthy expressions-How dare I be different I now believe.  I need to express my difference as I’ve been a follower for so many years and when you find that spark of life that lights you up and makes you happy-I or no one else should put your light out even if it’s unbalanced.

I certainly wasn’t hurting anyone else.  Their judgements caused me to doubt myself and again I am now rising from their blocked view of who they think I should be.

Oh. Just Breathe

This completely made full circle when I was getting advise and help with marketing.  During the interaction everything seemed exciting and when I wanted to promote another area that which that person was promoting for themselves they shut me down telling me not to do that right now.  That it would be best for me to focus in another area of study.

This breaks me up-you ask for help and who you have to help you shuts you down?  I perceive life a bit more defensive since my early teens.  This is not something broken in my as it really is a gift to make the crab come out of her shell and fight for what is her’s in the Divine’s eyes for her to have in her life.  My life-I switched to third person to give that inner child voice. Okay then, breathe again.

So from here on out I will take in a minimum of what I need and deliver to you what is in my heart.  I can not be who these other people want me to be.  The image of the women inside is screaming to be let out of the walls of social expectations.  I will discuss more deeply to you what is in my heart.

Loves soul purpose is to share not to keep/entrap and so on.  So, if you have a dream please go for it.  If you are inspired by my writing please include my writing into your story.  Sure, you could convey my story in a better sense-but you do need to give credit of what is inspiring you.  This area was another shut down for me.  Why share if this unknown person(s) are writing about what I just wrote?  Just give credit where and what is inspiring you is all I’m asking.  That is part of the moral code and all what I write is copyrighted material.  I could of course choose to exploit those writers who are copying my work.  But, I do not long to have that attached energy.  Please do the right thing as I plan on doing the same.

That concludes my tantrum.  I plan on writing more frequently again.

Look forward in seeing platforms for an email list to subscribe to and my artwork and writings for sell including my poetry.  A girls gotta make a living and I’m am learning to come out of the Poor minded of a starving artist mentality. You can laugh now.

What can I do to get more comments or reactions-please leave me a comment or PM me. Thanks 🙂

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