Guidance to Be safe this 4th

  1. Clear all social media to private/delete or only to be seen for friends.
  2. Hold your head up; be observant, take your weekend slow to know who and what is going on around you.
  3. Keep kids and teens close within reaching distance.
  4. Avoid crowds choose a picnic area and watch the fireworks from a safe distance. If you choose the crowd scene only be in the area for short periods of time and then leave.
  5. Have fun take pictures and tell stories of the past.  Share history with your family why the founding fathers did what they did and who and why there is military in our country and other countries.  We all have the right to live a carefree life if we could let go of whose belief’s are right or not.
  6. Live from your heart by doing the right thing.  If something doesn’t feel right leave.  Report suspicious activity to the authorities even if it’s online report to the site and to the authorities.
  7. The pillars to freedom stand tall, wave bright and every country has pillars to their honor-so honor yourself and your family first this weekend and stay safe.

Over 99 names to the _____ whatever name you choose to fill in your blank. Choose to understand not fear-their are more alikeness than differences-be open minded and educate yourself. Rely on your true study not what other Preists or religious Leaders tell you to believe. learn for yourself.

Love and Peace to all This Independance Day, our freedom and those who fought for us to live free! Thank you & all Nations.

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