Confessions of a Reverend Part 3: Illuminati vs JC

  • Haunted by the fear that the Bible and it’s followers intimates
  • A fallen Angel produces propaganda of Illuminati

Who are you going to serve? Really do you believe in who do you serve?

It is saying who are you going to pay! Your either going to pay into a “class society of either the rich and famous” or your going to pay a church to “protect you from the devil“.  Churches feed you with needing to tithe, that this is the only way you can free yourself from the “poverty mentality”.

I believe the Illuminati is a group that governs Stardom.  Just as a church would ask you to tithe.  However, the Illuminati may as well be the modern mafia in protecting their “stars” from a certain kind of scandal such as what sins they may have committed.  Illuminati maybe like an insurance company with a “Protection Racket” if you fail to “pay into your protection coverage” it’s cause and effect; meaning extortion for that individual.

Possible Celebrities who may have be involved or not directly involved with the Illuminati are highly successful, highly popular people.  Who was there “In” who made them a star?  Is it a secret coven?  Wouldn’t we all just understand and know that some people feed the negative actions and others choose to behave with their personal choices(?).

Our beloved some very treasured and some of us wanted them to just admit their faults and wrong doings.  Please understand their “humanness” have compassion and humility.  These famous stars are real people with the same real problems as all of us have.  Some people have closet secrets; some of us expose lies; some of us have dark secrets that we can’t even fathom to be spoken rather we think them or speak them or act upon those secrets.  These people work very hard and at the end of the day some sick minded people harm others mentally and physically.

These entities may or Not be involved:

  1. The Democratic Party
  2. Science
  3. Russia
  4. Government
  5. Hollywood
  6. Omniscient creature=(Human species?)

Our beloved RIP victims:

Celebrities…I’m retracting the names through an edit-I now see a miss-alignment from my own wrongful doing.  I should not have placed their names publicly as it is an act of foolishness on my behalf.  Looking back I have adored such a comedian actor of Robin Williams and I would like to believe in his goodwill should not be driven give into basement thinking of any such organization(s) that may or not misrepresent these folks.  I loved Micheal Jackson through my childhood.  My own prodigious beliefs on his immoral behaviors through my youth and adulthood discoveries should also be noted as a foolish response that others influence us to believe.  We all have committed sins.  Some of us commit them fare more often than most.  All in all these two at some level shared their infinite gifts with us.  They both will be missed.

So, Christians are gullible in believing that the Bible was written by many people but those people chose Not to disclose who they where.  Someone had to write the good book and talk bad about stories of others in a not so good way.  So, why not a book about the opposite with it’s No author published also?  What if the same person or people wrote both books?

Just because I wrote the above information does and doesn’t mean I believe fully to any such length of this information.  I could say the exact opposite to say it’s the republicans who wish to do more harm to our human race than good.  Republicans wish to take away freedom of choice to our health care and how women want to treat their bodies.  Leave the High income peeps and make poverty even worse.  That would have it’s own title series if I was to talk about politics.

Isn’t human nature to have cause and effect?  Cause and effect is the same or different of good vs evil?  (Curse you-sorry some automatic writing just occured.) People choose an action and effect either something positive happens or negative reaction occurs.

I never understood what was being said about the signs and symbols until today.  Click on the links above to get a better understanding of what I heard.  The “Okay” symbol is of three 6’s two are imaginary one is real. The all seeing eye is used in many occult religions and within the government on the paper bills it’s symbolising God is watching not the devil is watching although it could be either way as an individual believes.  Pagan’s are not devil worshipers and the feminism and masculine is also not the sign of the devil; it is of human nature and realizing we all have a right to happiness and prosperity on this planet.  As we let go of judgements and anger about others and ourselves we can have a fruitful life without any bad seeds or serpents in our apple trees.

Oh my stars have I become Atheist?

  • I am not of the devil anymore than you.  Anger isn’t of the devil either it is just a void in expression until someone over-reacts and performs a wrongful action.  That action may very well be fuelled by a belief not intended to harm, but the person does act out with either verbal or physical abuse.  If a action is performed with intentional beliefs to harm another one *Then yes* that is an action of evil as it is deliberate.  There are grey area’s in all things including belief systems; one maybe of disciplining children with corporal punishment.  In my view that isn’t anything more than feeding your child fast food.  It should be done in moderation and less is definitely better of both.  Fast food and parental corporal punishment are the same for me in my belief practices-it’s better to avoid them at all cost, however; if the child is in danger such as running out into the street moderation of force is subjective.
  •  I am just as holy, precious and loving as JC just as you are.  To me we are neither the devil or of Jesus Christ.  We may possess the “Likeness” of God/Divine/JC/Mother-Father earth/heaven or the “likeness” of the negative.
  • We can be close to the Divine holiness within ourselves as we choose compassion to treat ourselves and others with the basic human respect.  We can call out to the 10 commandments or we can believe in the 1st Amendment’s our country was founded on (USA).

Is Jesus or Muhammad the last real prophets?I believe that we are ever expanding and evolving so who is to say that our “modern day prophets” could be anyone of our recent great authors?

  • Deepak Chopra
  • Wayne Dryer
  • Emerson
  • Hemingway
  • Holmes
  • Dalai Lama
  • The Vatican

To sum it up, we all have our own belief patterns.  Sometimes we are influenced to correct our thinking and other times it because a forced curse of beliefs put on by others.  Our experiences shape our future.  If the world becomes too much we shut down. Health issues rise.  Relationships become to suffer.  In the end when you leave this planet either forced or through the natural selection process what your true belief is revealed to you in a moment right before the change occurs.  I have been on the near death side several times.  Each time I have made a conscious decision to do right.  Choose life over death.  Choose to live for those who care about me.  Choose to tell my story.  Choose to leave the void and discover what my soul mission/soul purpose is and “do something about it”!

I would love to hear about what you think.  Please leave your comments below. Namaste

CopyRight Katie Yavuz March 2015
CopyRight Katie Yavuz March 2015

, Choose the light to heal you and those around you! ~Amen.

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