RIP #Jason Dosa’s Family desires support

Recognition Monday Day 299, 2015

Also for my beloved ol’ neighbors and friends who lost the light in her life. High School sweethearts, may Jason walk beside the Lord and may his wife Heather, daughter Ryan and son Greg be comforted with their loving memories.

Jason’s life had so many variations as most of our lives do. Trouble with the law and found a closer direction following his beliefs. He was no stranger to NA meetings or marriage counseling as he grew closer into knowing how to serve the Lord.

At times I needed a little extra help and he was always a good neighbor to come and help out. I morn for the loss of what I can fathom a reason or cause why an act so volatile was committed.

Anger, in the raw produces such violence. The accused has been arrested and justice will serve.

Please share with me in support. Heather is one of the most loving mothers and if we had never moved a dear sweat friend who always kept you close in remembering who you really are. I know through this difficult time her family will prevail this trial. With a loving and heavy heart Dosa family you are cared for and loved by many!


(Please help my dear friends who lost their loved one to N.A. and violence.)

Heather Jason Dosa

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