Abandonment of self-Confessions of a Reverend

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Roe,  was being robbed of my internal glory of writing from my heart.

Roe, was the burden that shattered and struck my heart, when at first all I wanted was to be a muse for others.  In the middle somewhere I discovered my voice was being heard.  My voice had a foundation and then suddenly other writers where robbing me.


Silence struck the cord within.  The only way I could take back what was really mine.  My voice, my thoughts, my feelings, my heart…I took back for only me.

Silence…it whispered, it spoke gentle and softly to me.  And now, why have I returned?  For you my friends.  For those who want to know that direction.

To offer you my partnership in the life lessons of Spiritual Oneness.  All these phases in our lives we can run, we can  hide, we can hibernate until there comes a point where we wake up and “Do that something more” (take action), the calling that reminds us we are still needed.

I’ve re-entered another phase of waking up from hibernation and the “roe robber writer” may still be out there lurking to steal my writing without giving credit.  I’ve turned to a new aspect to help me surpasses those.

I look forward serving you all in any guidance I maybe able to offer.

Begin to wake up the Earth Dance Music within. Blessings of Love and Light.

Katie Yavuz





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