About Rev. Katie

Rev. Katie was raised here in beautiful Colorado.  She always enjoyed the nature and gardening with her grandparents from a very early age.  Being alone was nothing new being an only child.  This was one of her favorite times was to be alone within nature and here is where her “calling” began.  Without knowing she meditated as if she was living through the trees and looking out into the world.  From that moment in her childhood she felt at peace and at home.

Quite, observant and a compromising medium she was to her friends.  Her friends always came to hear her first over going to a teacher for help.  A natural gift she ignored to recognize.  However, she always gave her heart as she listened closely.  From within her heart she continually seeks for the good in all.

Rev. Katie has had experience roughing it without electricity or running water to experiencing abundance with farming Ostriches, AZ Christmas trees, tomato’s and gardening.  Crafts and poetry with a love of writing would be a continually passion.

She began as a vocal major in college and transferred into Law Enforcement where she could serve at a higher level within her life calling.

Professional Experience

Adventurous careers excited Katie as she began as a Park Ranger with the B.L.M. in Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness . Katie began working hand in hand with US Forest Service working along professionally with work release programs to reunite minimum security prisoners with community hard work (to pay off there debt to society and they were compensated with pay, respect and a grounding self worth that there lives have more meaning than just sitting in a cell).  Vote NO on Amendment T (2016 election).

She worked her way through college as a Photographer; however, in the rule area where she lived, she began to get restless and sought out adventure.  She was hired with OK. State Department of Corrections.  Training began three months into the new position and (O.M.G.) the lessons of what real life was-was a completely different reality than what she was living!  Being a Correctional Officer taught Katie many lessons and she decided to move forward with life than stay trapped.  It was a short lived experience with many stories to write…

Katie chose a holistic life purpose path and graduated with an A.O.S. Degree in Massage Therapy.  Her love of helping others grew and she nearly mastered all the programs at Colorado School of Healing Arts.

After four years of hard work and a great deal of demonstrating moving past limits she completed her Bachelor’s in Religious Studies from Emerson Theological Inst.  Shortly after another realization occurred to Katie and she was Ordained as a Minister through  Universal Life Church were the struggle was no longer a heavy road for her.

We are all Spiritual living in our Human Body Suits.  Our choices shape who we are and our experiences change us from within.  We all have a choice to come from Love 1st and live in the Kingdom of Heaven within or live in the cause and effects which transpire in the basements of our minds.

All these experiences has shaped Rev. Katie into having a humble heart and knowing that it only takes one choice to have a domino effect in our lives.  Our choices either empower ourselves or dis-empower and we fight an uphill battle to establish where our homeostasis is supposed to be.

Rev. Katie has been re-married.  Difficult times of two miscarriages with one burial have taught her to keep going and to seek the kingdom of heaven within to see the blessings flourish before her.

Rev. Katie would like to invite you into a heart centered journey into your soulful purpose rather it is through Pastoral Counseling, Celtic Weddings, Celebration Memorials, being a Guest Speaker at your next event, providing a House Blessing or a group Movement Meditation.  All life paths are welcome.



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