Treatment Request

Thank you for your interest in a Pastoral Practitioner.  I am in the network with Divine Spirit utilizing Universal principles.

Would you like to Self-Declare a treatment (prayer) for anything going on in your life? You can make a formal request here at the bottom of this page.

Please include 3 main area’s of focus for your realization of your desires.  If you have more that’s great too.

I will treat for one week and at the end of the week I will send you an email with a treatment as a gift. Sessions are available by telephone/email or Google+ with a Love offering through PayPal for your receipt.  You may call me to schedule an appointment at: 720-270-8161 Mountain Standard Time 10 am-6 pm & Out going calls from 9:30-1 am.

In service & gratitude,
Rev. Katie Yavuz


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