• Conscious Thought Practitioner & Officiant: Katie is a Licensed Practitioner/Officiant who will travel to your location.  Here from within your own space you can transform your beliefs through a deeper realization process.  Any one can benefit from a Spiritual Practitioner session.  A Practitioner is a spiritual counselor who conducts Treatments (prayer).
  • Officiant Services:                                                    Celebrations, Memorials & Weddings  Are you not connect to a church or maybe you have different beliefs than those of your family…I create an special and customize your experience to have a special event just the way you want it to go.  I believe all paths lead to the Divine.  Relax, I will guide you through an open process that you can change if you would like.  I am sensitive to your needs.http://Connect with Castle Rock, CO wedding officiant / clergyConscious Thought With Katie on wedfolio — the place to plan your wedding.
  • Family/Team building Meditations:                           How is your family?  How are you and your friends relating to one another?  I will guide you through an active meditation that involves each member of your group…each session is different and experiential.  You will be guided to work on topics that will unlock your hang-ups and allow to see each individual in a more relaxed manner, more loving and caring way.  Make an appointment to play in this new movement meditation to bring other’s closer to you and your understanding.
  • House Blessings to “Unify your Space” “Reclaim your Space”          Maybe you would like a new avenue to recreate a welcoming attitude in your home or office? I offer several ways to unblock your space from negativity, from a bell in the key of E & drumming, burning incense, spritzing sacred mists into the air.  This can be done as an individual, family, couples, selling a home or at the office.  This is a place that has purpose for you and should be held sacred.  Many people find it helpful after a loss of a loved one, too many arguments or unwanted Spiritual activity.  I have cleansed spaces for all these reasons and more.
  • Guest Speaker:                                                                           Here I am a humble servant to Spirit and I am available as a floater guest speaker.  Interview me, I will give a talk on any area of my life to help our world to be a better place.  I guarantee you will not have heard a personal story like mine ;)!

Anyone will enjoy their personalized session with Katie: Professionals; Home bound Clients, Couples, Individuals and Young Adults 10 years and up (with parent).

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