Officiating my first Wedding. 02/21/2014
Officiating my first Wedding. 02/21/2014

Positive Stars September 15,2014

“It was a delight  to work with you, my impression is that you are a very good chaplain, very capable, caring and dependable.”  God bless you,

Chaplain J.R.

  5/5 stars  August 20, 2014     “Rev. Katie was awesome. She is a very thoughtful and kind person, who goes out of her way to make sure everything goes smoothly. We would “HIGHLY” recommend her.”  +C.M. “Wedding Officiant Services”

July 2014 “Thank you Chaplain”:

“Thank you Katie for bringing Spiritual peace to my trouble soul during difficult times, and thank you for bringing Jesus to me.  You definitely have contributed to God’s plan for me and for that I will always be grateful and have you in my prayers.”                                         +F.B. & Family; “Chaplain Intern, Thank You Letter”

“During some of the nights and days I stayed with my dad, you amazed me with your actions, and am so grateful for everything that you did for him out of the kindness of your heart.  I’ll always admire and work on applying such kindness towards the people I meet in my life and actions.  Thank you so much!  Wishing the best for you!”  +S.B.P.  “Chaplain Intern, Thank You Letter”

5/5 stars June 20, 2014

“Rev. Katie did an amazing service for our wedding event. She worked not only as our wedding officiate but also counseled and consulted all through the process. My daughter’s wedding was in Castle Wood Canyon State Park where everything went beautifully well. Her guidance brought very different theological beliefs together for a joyful union of not only the bride and groom but the whole family.”  +J.G. “Wedding Officiant Services”

 4/5 stars April 9, 2014

“Katie was very easy going and didn’t charge us for the first meeting. Very kind and interested in our love story. She began writing the ceremony immediately but was open to making any changes we felt necessary. Overall, a good experience meeting with her.”  + K. S.  “Wedding Officiant Services”

♥Thank you K.S., for the opportunity to meet you & your family.

4/5 stars February 22, 2014

“Katie was very thorough with our ceremony planning. She was a pleasure to work with and get to know. As she continues to serve others her confidence and delivery will improve. We were her very first wedding. We have no hesitation to recommend Katie.”              They meet on http://www.seniors.com.                                                +M.C. “Wedding Officiant Services”

♥How nice to receive 4 stars on my first Thumbtack review:  Thank you M.C.! It was a blessing to be a part of your beautiful commitment joining your two souls as one. In deep gratitude~Rev. Katie

2011 “Practitioner Sessions”

“My girlfriend and I went to Katie for some Spiritual Counseling and the experience was super fantastic.  The session was a comfortable place for us to vent.  Katie created an environment that was peaceful.  She was open and personable, she seemed to know exactly what we were thinking and feeling.  I’ve never felt more comfortable with my girlfriend then at Katie’s.  Everyone should see Katie at least once before giving up.  My rating for Katie is excellent!”   + J.A. Asphalt Construction “Practitioner/Spiritual Couples Counseling”


“Katie was nothing short of being innovative, creative and deeply response-able in the best of ways.  I felt someone who wanted to engage thoroughly in asking the questions that would allow her to access the specifics of what was uniquely our work to do.  She moved like light through a well-honed contours that allowed for the deepest and most fluid and creative expression to emerge.  And so in Katie I experienced someone was able to hold polarities of depth and wisdom, as well as a sense of magic and possibility.”   + M.B. Musical Artist, Songwriter and Vocal Coach; “Practitioner Counseling Session”


“I immediately felt like I was in the spiritual hands of someone who was prepared and had the “authority” of Spirit.  I felt my concerns were heard and compassionately explored with gentle, but probing questions and feedback.  This session provided me the opportunity to delve into an issue that had heretofore been invisible to me, and now was brought into plain sight with absolute clarity and healing.  I can say without hesitation that Katie provided me with a Practitioner session of the highest professional quality.  It was a wonderful experience!”  + Reverend R. Senior Minister; “Practitioner Session”


“Katie prayed for my health total body healing.  After the treatment I tried eating sugar again, and for the first time in three years, I was able to eat it without any bad effects and gain a few pounds. (I was under weight.)  The results are a blessing.  I am very pleased with the results and feel she definitely has a gift for healing.  It is actually more than I expected.”  + D.W. Professional Personal Assistant; “Practitioner Session”

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