Officiant of Memorials

Conscious Thought with Katie is a great fit for those without a church/mosque/clan home.  For those who have Interfaith belief’s who enjoy practicing on their own or who no longer hold the same views of doctrine religions.  Many who have Interfaith Belief’s from: Native American, Shamanism, Christianity, Wiccan, Alchemist, Pagan, Metaphysical, Religious Scientist and Turkish Muslim/Islamic (non threatening muslim/islamic).

We all have a Unified place in this world! Where we can practice our belief’s safely without judgment and were we can come home.  Conscious Thought with Katie has worked beside Ellis Family Services and at Cedar Hill Cemetery.  Including experience as a Chaplain Intern at Littleton Adventist Hospital and didactic training with Donor Alliance.

To reserve a Memorial with your requested date and time for a family or friend please directly contact Rev. Katie Yavuz by phone and email: (720) 270-8161 MST 10 am-10pm, email:

Here is an example of a Memorial with Conscious Thought with Katie.

A Unified Memorial Dedication Celebrating Life:

Muriel I. Watson-St. John 1912-2010

William E. Watson 1904–1994


“Wind beneath my wings” Bette Midler



Psalm 100

Family Memorials

Claim our Faith-Mathew 6:25

“My wish” Rascal Flatt’s

Lords Prayer


Gathering Immediately following service

See Post of: Poem+:  O’ Whistle, an’ I’ll come to ye.

*Ceremony Services require a 50% deposit to

secure your date!*

Discounts Available:

*****All Civil Serviceman and Military including families (w/proof)

Receive $15 off total price of Ceremony*****


*****Rewards, when you refer Katie to a friend and they book a session or Ceremony, You receive $10 off your first Spiritual Interfaith Session*****


*****Write Katie a Positive review after she performs the Memorial,

You receive $15 off a three hour session with

Spiritual Pastoral Care and

 A House Blessing to “Reclaim your Space”*****  


*****Like “Conscious Thought with Katie” on Facebook,

You receive $10 off your first session on any service*****

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