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Mountain of Prayer

Katie Wamsley, Health Reporter

Prayer has been looked down upon in academia but at Arapahoe Community College, it’s a prayer friendly environment.  Acceptance towards its faculty, staff and students to rise up, and support student-led prayer has been a great experience.

President Trump has allowed and freed us from the shackles of uncertain disapproval from the social norm of not praying in schools primary and beyond. As many presidents have demonstrated prayer at inaugurations, Trump had four diverse “Christian” Ministers give prayer for our nation.  “Theological Freedom” is important for us all.  So don’t get hung-up on politics.  Religious tolerance is important to our student body.

Some students and faculty have been gathering to pray after night classes at the Castle Rock campus.

One of my teachers announced through introductions at the beginning of the semester that I was a minister.  Once other students found out prayers were happening after class more students opened their hearts and began asking for prayer.

Come to find out we had three ministers in our class, two student ministers and our teacher was one as well.  What started out as three people praying after class has turned into five.  We are an informal group (not a club), and we’re open to all faiths.

No matter what background you hold, no matter what your divination is, as a member of the student body, we want to offer you a chance to speak up, reach out and ask your fellow peers to support you.  Requesting peer prayer is as simple as saying hello.

One ACC student confided that “I feel more supported in school than I did in church.  As I know, I’m not being judged, I am witness that every one of my classmates are going through something.  I feel comfortable asking my professor(s), my peers for that extra support, what my needs and/or concerns will be supported through prayer with extra resources provided at my discretion.”


ACC student Tierra Carter is a sophomore studying psychology.  She is grateful that one of her teachers spoke up and introduced me as a Reverend after I shared that I was also dis-able after a work injury and is one reason why I returned to college.  Although, what we share is confidential she wants to share with you what she feels is most important about our group.  Rev. Katie is very open about how important my religious beliefs are to me; she doesn’t try to convince me other wise.  Tierra states, “Let God come into your life and surrender; God accepts all and come without fear.  Just because one isn’t Christian, doesn’t mean we can’t pray for each other.”

What does prayer for all faiths look like?  We join in a circle holding hands, with one minister leading with an intention of prayer.  After that it’s like a round-robin, where everyone has a chance to speak about what they would like prayer for.  Some don’t know what to pray for, so they decide just to support a fellow classmate.  The round-robin begins again and when you’re done speaking, you lightly squeeze the next person’s hand.  We all pray differently, but we respect each other’s spiritual paths and are not “converting” anyone into a different belief practice.  We all feel heard and uplifted in knowing that we are equally supported.  We close with a benediction.

We are a network of peers that uphold confidentiality rules: to maintain confidentiality, when possible, and handle matters discreetly. To build relationships, make resources available and provide support to those who are struggling.

Finding direction in our lives doesn’t need to be any more difficult than it already is.  From despair to pain to disabilities to the countless assignments are among the many stressors in life, but here, you are supported.

You are welcome to inquire and join our informal group of support by emailing: Rev. Katie Yavuz (; It is also encouraged that you to get to know who you’re sitting next to in class and freely ask if anyone would like to pray after class.  Your network of support will grow.

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Creed of Principals

Creed of Principals

I choose to walk lightly on this Earth. I choose to take a breathe and speak from my heart.  When I poses anger or judgement I will hold my tongue.  I will reflect Love, kindness and compassion.  I will protect my thoughts; protect what I’m subjected to in what I hear, read and speak.


  • We believe the Holy Divine lives within each being and living vibration: animals, humans, plants, insects, organisms, species and creatures. Including vibrations of the supernatural.  (All paths lead to the Divine.)
  • We believe that all living vibrations are connected including Nature, our Atmosphere and beyond our Solar System; which we are all connected to our human experience.
  • We believe in balance of all life in the physical human experience and in the supernatural principles also known as the Law of Attraction. Balance of intake of consumption, balance of energy, vitality…
  • We believe in the fourth dimension of true learning from one another.  The mental, physical, spiritual and emotional in respecting other people, other thought processes, respecting animals, respecting life and death including the supernatural.
  • We believe we are all responsible for our own actions, thoughts and words we speak.
  • We believe the cruelty of people, judgments and dis-ease is what creates the bars of Hell. We believe hell is a place we put ourselves in; tormenting physically/emotionally/the mindset of other people for gain.  Finding forgiveness, conscious choices to change our lives and heal from the negative effects of life allows us to break the chains that bind us from the “hell” and find the light of healing the the Divine Masters.
  • We believe the devil is a response of a human creating cruelty and hate creating the manifestation of dis-ease, chaos and unforeseen dysfunction.
  • We believe it is Wrong to Murder someone or something; bound by a law that will reflect a negative impact on the human experience and must be avoided at all cost.  The exception to this rule is for food source keeping balance of consumption in mind without being wasteful; protecting our property and clan family from harm as in the 2nd Amendment.
  • We believe in Reciprocation of truth: knowing the universal law of what you take you also return.  (When someone does something nice to you, at some point you will have their back and do something nice in return.) “Pay it forward.” Reciprocating kindness back to them at another point in the future or now state of mind.
  • We believe when resources are available we are here to sow the good seed into thy earth while filling it with light of love, regrowth of plants and sow good will towards others.
  • We believe Change is in a state of constant change. One season falls upon the other. People are born, live, and die. All things change. There are two kinds of change. The coming together of things and the coming apart of things. Both kinds of change are necessary and are always connected to each other.Change occurs in cyles or patterns.
    They are not random or accidental. If we cannot see how a particular change is connected, it usually means that our standpoint is affecting our perception.
  • We believe in balancing our health and the intake of any food, medications, legalized substances must be consumed on a limited basis-as needed basis.  (Only take what you need and do not overdose, over consume.  Follow your healthcare providers provisions.)
  • We believe in doing the right thing, being in the right place, anytime a moment presents being honest, truthful, helpful, giving compliments, allowing forgiveness and releasing our selfish ego’s to help others.
  • We believe in sacred conception until the readiness of creating life between the natural laws of conception. We believe in allowing the natural law of conceiving is with the Divine and our loving co-creation process.   We accept that if we are not able to conceive that this has Divine meaning and do not seek further scientific forces in creating life. We accept B,G,T,L,  with the understanding that it takes a man and a women to create life.
  • We believe there are many Master’s seeking into the Divine and all are accepted with love and right action.

Abandonment of self-Confessions of a Reverend

Image result for bears waking up

Roe,  was being robbed of my internal glory of writing from my heart.

Roe, was the burden that shattered and struck my heart, when at first all I wanted was to be a muse for others.  In the middle somewhere I discovered my voice was being heard.  My voice had a foundation and then suddenly other writers where robbing me.


Silence struck the cord within.  The only way I could take back what was really mine.  My voice, my thoughts, my feelings, my heart…I took back for only me.

Silence…it whispered, it spoke gentle and softly to me.  And now, why have I returned?  For you my friends.  For those who want to know that direction.

To offer you my partnership in the life lessons of Spiritual Oneness.  All these phases in our lives we can run, we can  hide, we can hibernate until there comes a point where we wake up and “Do that something more” (take action), the calling that reminds us we are still needed.

I’ve re-entered another phase of waking up from hibernation and the “roe robber writer” may still be out there lurking to steal my writing without giving credit.  I’ve turned to a new aspect to help me surpasses those.

I look forward serving you all in any guidance I maybe able to offer.

Begin to wake up the Earth Dance Music within. Blessings of Love and Light.

Katie Yavuz





Confessions of a Reverend: Toxic Self-Sabotage

This has been a long term effect on a personality trait, I suppose it started as a defense mechanism beginning at puberty.

Self-Sabotage Has grown in it’s strength in the last few years that I’ve see it interfere within the religious sector, religious schooling, it has separated friends from my life and now, I see it destroying the dreams of my family structure.

It’s almost to the point that I’ve listened to other opinions so much to the point that I no longer listened to the training on my belief’s of looking for the good in all things and build from there.  Have I not been an adult enough? Have I spent more time on my “B-I-T-C-H box” than being an adult to handle situations?

Some of these inner dynamic personality traits of moving against people” as I read upon Neo-Freudian (Karen Horney) suggests.  I certainly can account more than a half a dozen occurrences that I have past more judgments on others and offered the opposite of hope prior to becoming clergy.  Before Science of Mind, this trait was well embedded into my personality and it could even stem from childhood possibly as early as age 4.  Could this be from abandonment occurrences from missing one of my primary parents?

Could there be an internal belief system that was embedded in primary schooling ages that cause me to believe, that if another person isn’t following the rules of basic laws and life structure that I made a point to condemn them?  This will take much more contemplation to decipher if it was from the school system (social) teaching me these qualities that shaped my personality or if it was nurture trait.  

A great example was a childhood best friend was nearly as idol, she was always the “good student” she had a lot of friends how she openly and accepted me (all my flaws) we were like sisters from another mother.  Her friends were more than happy to hang out with me too, which was a huge confidence builder in middle school.  She was a grade ahead of me, but it made no difference as I was more mature than most my grade level.  She took me under her wing until I moved in High School from CO to AZ.  She remained my best positive friend who wrote me on occasion or would talk on the phone after I moved.  I thought we would be best friends for life.  A change occurred when after high school she didn’t pro-sue her dreams.  I was shocked to discover this news as I always saw her to become a lawyer, a doctor or a professional violinist.  She had moved from our safe town to a larger town south where we had lived and all to find out she had married and was pregnant straight from high school.  Okay, I admit that happens a lot.  Had the two years that I had been gone from her life, had it changed her outlook on life?  A belief of thinking I was responsible in some small way.  It was an adjustment to say the least.  Further time spent with her showed a wild side with respectfully was endangerment feelings within myself about relationships.  Allowing another man to massage you naked after hot-tubbing, that isn’t your boyfriend or husband…it was sooooo against my internal beliefs.  I didn’t say anything, I didn’t tell her lover or her husband nor did I tell her that her choices scared my own morals. After the birth of her second child, I visited her again.  She was raising her children to have no control (crayons all over their bedroom walls) and paid no respect to her.  I wonder if we were not taught how to raise our own children?  It was nothing like how she was raised.  I saw depression in it’s largest form on this visit with a filthy house, bugs were quite questionable, she was on/off working and they lived very poor.  Her husband was part of the local fire department as his income wasn’t enough to raise the family all on his own.  It was very sad to see her living like this.  I shared about $300 every visit I came to buy her groceries and it became more of an expectation when I came to visit-to provide for them.  I didn’t realize at the time I was enabling as I always gave out of love for my friend. 

However, at some point she had lost gratitude in my giving and after that last visit I stopped my gift of giving.  I was only in high school and all my experiences didn’t seem to make the world of difference to her.  Our friendship ended shortly after a larger scale of immoral decisions where made as she and her husband were taking part in couples menajahtwa/swingers. I’m just as guilty, I didn’t physical participate but I was there while it was occurring as a witness; Self-sabotage began after the fact when I began to think about how wrong it was to be doing those things within the home when children were home and could have walked in on them having these encounters.  I voiced these concerns to someone of trust and the friendships had extinguished

I thought I could no longer subject myself to this type of behavior and stay quite.  She also had experience abandonment issues of a mother leaving a father.  To my amazement they have remained married and her children are off in college now.  Her relationship seems to have improved with her husband after 15 years of what seemed like misery on my outside view.  Time will only tell if she will ever forgive me for my actions.  I do wish her well.

We all have our stories, some are grim, some are complicated and some are a reflection of simply wrong actions.  We all have these in our life, sometimes we do them to make a point, to show an example of what is okay or not okay vs just setting a health boundary and if I didn’t like what I had witnessed, I should have just walked out.  All these should or could have done(s) are not valid or relevant to the current status of time.  The “Now moments”.

My self-sabotage behavior has been brought to the front of my attention as a last hope of saving my family structure.  I too have had the ups and downs in marriage, I’ve demonstrated forgiveness more times than I care to count, but what I have found most destructive in my own behavior is always “what I’m lacking”.  I have forgotten about what are my responsibilities beyond what is required.  Such as being gentle and thinking of someone else first.  (This seems hard to image as I’m always very loving and enjoy a lot of affection.)  Remember me talking about “lack”…I have forgotten to be more gentle and caring to my husband and have been only looking at everything I don’t like in his behavior towards me, vs looking for what I like and what I want to feel from him, he said he’s not feeling those from me.  So some where I stopped giving him what I give to our children freely.  I’ve gone away from being a hard-ass in disciplining our children to a “softy”.  I’m no longer that correctional officer.  Maybe, I have forgotten core values from Science of Mind as well.

Self-sabotage has steered me away from Uniting my ministry.  I enjoy rituals that are not S.O.M., but are “supposed” to be bridged with S.O.M. as a underlining principles that I do enjoy  (scientific evolution) vs the creation of only the Holy Bible teachings, among Neo-Pagon and Native American everyday way of life. With Quantum Physics, Metaphysics encompassing Science of Mind.  What religion would you call me?  This has been my contemplation for two years now.

I have shared with you a human flaw of mine today, in hopes to bridge a connection.  I look forward in reading your comments and I intend to revisit this topic again.

In gratitude,


Real Love and Good Sex: for Chronic Pain Patients and Their Partners by Ms Barby Allyn Ingle and Mr Ken Ray Taylor

Real Love and Good Sex: for Pain Patients and Their Partners by Ms Barby Allyn Ingle (Author), Mr Ken Ray Taylor (Author) I was honored to write the forward to this book. Please keep in mind…

Source: Real Love and Good Sex: for Chronic Pain Patients and Their Partners by Ms Barby Allyn Ingle and Mr Ken Ray Taylor

Resolution Resolve

6091_1099457049015_5320263_nMeet Rev. Katie Yavuz online on Google+Hangouts.

At High Noon MST (12pm-1pm on 01-04-2016)

I will lead in discussion of resolving Resolutions. How we can commit to ourselves and our own goals. Through group exploration.

°What you would like to learn?
°What you would like to share?
°What would you like to be better at?
° What you would like to Vision?
° What do you really want?

Bring Paper and crayons/pen
See Post for full description.