I Recognize My Body Is My Sacred Temple.

I recognize my body is my sacred temple.  Divine Intelligence lives through me.

I think therefore I am.  What I focus on, I become.

What I say I can do, is what manifests before me.

I choose to guard my thoughts and words.

I accept the Divine as all-knowing for me.

This week each time I am in front of a mirror, I will acknowledge the Divine Intelligence that reflects back at me.

I will declare I am in perfect Union with the Divine, this goodness resides within me.

I now claim it.

I invite you to say your name after the word


Divine (your name) I am: The reflection of right action

I am: a mirror of Divine Love

I am: whole, healthy, restored, and fulfilled

I am: abundant in my gifts, in all areas of my life

I am: excited to be able and willing to share my Divine Light

I am: opulent in forgiving those I become in conflict with because I know that the Divine is reflecting a part of me that needs healing.

I am: able to let go of chaos and see the perfection of the Divine in all people I am surrounded by.

I invite you to hold both of your hands over your heart and say with me:

My body is my sacred temple, What I say I can do, is what will manifest for me.

I am the manifestation of the Divine living through me. It is so &So it is. ~Amen

~Katie Yavuz


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