Divine Source is Love and expression.

Intention:            Divine Source is Love and expression.

I RECOGNIZE Divine Source is love, comfort and creates all things to live with their own Divine beauty.  Divine Source is the Conscious One Mind that lives through each of Its creations.

I am completely UNIFIED with this power through my own indwelling Conscious One Mind.  I am a perfection of Divine’s love, living through me.  I am a creation of Divine’s goodness.

I REALIZE the twist and turns in my life have been lessons and Now through Conscious Thought I can transform my choices into beauty, grace and unshakable faith.  I am a light of love encompassing my Divine Source and qualities that make me who I am today.  I claim these qualities and allow myself to express joy and gratitude!

I am humble giving THANKS to these wonderful qualities that I possess.  I know the Divine is good.

With enlightened attitude I now RELEASE these words of prayer into the Law.  I know the Universal Law is the doer, the servant and creates exactly what I believe It can do.  I know I don’t need to do anything, but hold faith and expectancy.  It is so & so it is Amen!

~Katie Yavuz RScP

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