Safe Sex in Marriage

Safe Sex in Marriage

Intimacy is natural within the covenant of a faithful marriage.  Establish a healthy relationship with your partner and know what they will go for and what may feel uncomfortable to them or what may give them a sense of not feeling safe.

There are times within a marriage that intimacy  becomes stagnate or boring…prepare for that moment ahead of time so you both stay on the tract of having a faithful marriage.

Erotic fun can exists within the sacred bonds of love under the sheets.  Talk dirty to each other, roll play, costumes, dominatrix, S & M (Sadomasochism), toys, becoming an exhibitionist in a safe manner…and the fun can begin.  Find ways where this is appropriate behavior & where you can explore these in your relationship with one another and obey State Laws.

If you have chosen celibacy before marriage to heighten your sexual arousal, it would be a good plan to know how you will listen to your partner when they may feel uncomfortable speaking words of discomfort to you.  Learn how to read body langue, facial expressions, fear so you can have the loving intimate relationship you both desire to have.  Love started with just you two and these sacred bonds of love should be on the pedestal of high importance.

One partner at some point of the marriage may want to explore sex with other partners.  What will you do, when you come to this cross-road?  One partner may have had more sexual experience than the other-it is highly recommended that all this additional play be done prior to the commitment of a loving healthy marriage.  This brings up destructive emotions and behavior into a covenant of a faithful marriage.  

If you choose this open marriage practice it only benefits that party who wants it in the first place.  From studies I have researched. Or, your relationship was founded on a swinging scale and in this case, you can advise me how I can help you with your marriage ceremony.

I declare we all have a place in this world and we can bring a healthy relationship into the mix for all who have either a Traditional Ceremony of any faith as in Christianity, Spiritual to and Erotic fun exploratory experience like in “White Lace” Wedding Ceremony, where nearly anything goes.

I would like to be able to assist in educating a healthy relationship with in marriage and also facilitate in raising rape awareness.

No one talks about safe sex in marriage…Rape can happen in marriage.  One in seven women are raped within a marriage at some point.  More information will be available soon.  In the mean time practice safe sex, wrap it up; become clear with your spouse or soon to be spouse.  Talk about these issues and how you will respect each other through the process.  Determine what you will do prior to this situation, if you or your partner doesn’t agree.  These expectations should not be taken lightly as it only takes one act to destroy trust and love.  If you have chosen to get married you have decided that the covenant of two people should only share one another and not additional people.  Other wise in the USA they/we do not recognize more than one wife/husband Polygamy to have any legal benefits.


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