Spiritual Healers of Colorado

Great Feather copyright KYavuz How many details can you find: Woman dancing; Phoenix fire bird; The great Healer praying? And the all seeing eye.

Practitioners; Shaman’s; Spiritual Healers:

Colorado became the ninth state to pass a safe harbor health freedom law. On June 5, 2013 Governor John Hickenlooper passed the:
Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act SB 13-215
In Colorado a person who is practicing complementary and alternative health care services consistent with the requirements of the new law will not be unfairly prosecuted for not having a license to practice medicine as long as they do not engage in an activity listed on the prohibited list in the new law such as performing surgery, puncture of the skin, prescribing legend drugs or controlled substances, or fail to fulfill the disclosure duties in the new law:

This is wonderful news for those who seek to believe in what feels best for their own bodies as they seek out natural healers. Spiritualist have been practicing for years, but for many we have hidden ourselves fearing the wrath of what the government will do to us or even what the conflicts of interest are within our own body of Churches.

Hide no more-we are protected now in the body of the one mind and now it’s legal…Amen!

Read from my Pastoral Disclaimer: The Constitution, in providing for the freedom of conscience and the separation of church and state. The First Amendment states in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …” The first portion of the phrase is referred to as the Establishment Clause and the latter half as the Free Exercise Clause. Taken together, they form a unitary protection of the freedom of conscience: the Establishment Clause prohibits government actions imposing religious beliefs on its citizens, or favoring certain beliefs, or even favoring belief over non-belief; the Free Exercise Clause bars government actions prohibiting its citizens from holding various beliefs. As intended by the Founders, under the Free Exercise Clause beliefs were to be unchallenged by government; however, actions resulting from these beliefs could be regulated to protect public safety. – See more at:http://secular.org/issues/rfra/position#sthash.9URMzuIl.dpuf

I seek the positive in our on Divine right to find healing-no doctor, place or thing other than the Holy Spirit can justify any act of healing other than what we permit through our own right action. We all deserve the right to the health care we seek rather it’s the natural resources or the gifts the the Divine creator has established for us through It’s own people. Please continue all recommended health care through your licensed physician or healer of your choice.

It is so ~Amen Blessings

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