Moving my Souls Journey

Purpose for this treatment is for; (Your Name) to experience the flow of perfect timing, allowing your-self to live the experience of traveling and all your ties to your house to be taken care of. The Universe will provide the perfect solution to all your needs.

Please accept these words as if they are your own:

I recognize in this vast Universe there is an eternal light that surrounds and shields all negativity. I know that this infinite Law creates all things from thoughts into form. I recognize that any daily experience is a result of Divine Right Action moving the motivation of creating into Its perfect form.

I am surrounded by the unification of the Divine substance that lives through me. I now internalize this same Divine creation into the perfection of my own soul. I breathe It in and I allow It to aboard my vessel. It moves through me like a well-honed vibration that synchronizes Its-self within the rhythm of my own fluidity.

I now realize the beauty in my bounty; I converse with It in every situation that I feel I need extra help in. {BREATHE: 1, 2, 3, 4.} The Oneness of all my desires lives inside of me. I now see the material actions that my soul longs to take this journey. Every flower, every need blossoms into the flourished Now scent. I see it, I feel it, I smell it. Like cardboard being ripped apart I see my new surroundings’, I see all that I want in my life is right there, right here before me. I will it and It is provides for me.

I see the house I am staying in as an opportunity for me. If I desire to keep thinking it is home It will continue to be my home.

If I desire a new expression of this house, I now prepare the release of this house. I see my new beginnings for filling the void of what my heart desires most. I let go of what I think the price of money is and I see the house in all it has to offer, I see all the benefits the house is giving Its new residents. I see the perfect resident giving me my asking price or a bid that is over the top, with a new resident who is worthy of this house and the house will brighten their experience, with them being in their home.

I feel the power of letting go into what I choose to do with myself. I now feel the passion, the excitement of movement; the smell of fresh tape, of letting go what I really don’t want to hang onto. I pass these items onto a person/organization that helps families become self-efficient. The fresh smell of water and the dew that falls upon my lips each morning provides me the opportunity to know the manifestation is working. I am in the location I desire and I am enjoying my life to the fullest. I am teaching and providing spiritual support to those who value my wisdom. The sound of a waterfall in the background is the new rhythm of my ambiance, my serenity, my home. {Breathe}

I am so happy and grateful to experience the joy of surrender. To love all people in my life and to pass on my legacy of my Divine nature in reassuring myself I am now on a shaman’s journey to my souls happiness. I am so happy and grateful that I now give myself permission to live my life to it’s fullest expression! I am so happy and grateful I can just breathe the fruit of my earnings and be supported by Divine’s free will. I know all my talent and love in my heart is recognized and I negotiate for my highest good.


I now release my Divination prayer the Great Spirits knowing It knows what is best for me. It has impeccable timing and provides me with the self-assurance that I Am, within Great Care of the I Am. It is so, in the bounty of the Great I Am, ~Amen.

©Photographer Aaron Wallis with Colorful                                                                                                                                         Conscious Weddings

One thought on “Moving my Souls Journey”

  1. Hello Kate,

    Thank You for your kindness. I offer this gift to you. A new meaning to your name KATE, Name means way. As in I AM the way, the truth and the life. it is yours to share…

    (K) represents the Spirit, The (K) or cause and the sound of creation, the eleventh letter and master number. Walking between worlds of the physical and Spiritual, Bring the two together, one arrives at the Totality of themselves.
    (A) represents the bridge we must all cross to arrive at our destiny. Only the brave at heart will cross the bridge to the truth.Many are called, few are chosen.
    (T) represents The Christ consciousness we must all achieve. This is what the masters have and are teaching. The kingdom of heaven is within us all. As the Spirit of Christ. To me this means Be like Christ.
    (E) represents Consciousness, the One, the All.Rising humanities consciousness to be like Christ. As we are all the children of creation. Born again in the Spirit of Christ.

    Thus you are the Spirit bridge to the Christ within Consciousness. Or you can just be KATE.

    Enjoy, we share the same Spirit. Blessings BE.


    Where M is the magnetic and E is the electric of creation.

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