Moving Forward Approach

A few nights ago, driving home from the very busy hustle and bustle of the crazed shopping of the Holiday’s two Deers were to the right of me; I slowed down nearly to a stop as the first Larger Deer with horns waited for the younger deer to cross down near the railroad tracks.  I honked the horn and without hesitation they just paused, looked directly at me and waited for me to keep moving forward.  Within the moment of passing they went about their way while previous moments of thought rushed through my mind (should I honk , or wait I just did that could have spooked them they could turn around and get hit by oncoming traffic. Oh, I need to warn oncoming traffic to slow down.) All the chatter in my mind reminds me of we forget to live in the moment with calmness and ease.  Often times we are rushed, think far too much about what we “think” needs to happen right now vs just going with the flow.  Reminding ourselves to appreciate what we already have.  Take a moment to take a breath and just “pause”.  Clear our agenda’s and accept what we do get done is in perfect harmony of what is suppose to transpire.

It’s great to know that the deer horns have potent meanings for one to defend and beginning to assert yourself more clearly.  Giving yourself the ability to calmly ask for what you need. Do you see how this ties into “Being the Leader in your life vs the Boss”?  I have been told by a colleague of mine that I was seeking help and this particular colleague said they wouldn’t help me until I learned how to be more gentle with myself.  We all can be our own worst enemies.  We also must learn how to come home to ourselves and be gentle and forgive ourselves; even for the littlest of things.  Becoming gentle does not mean being defenseless nor does it mean for us to be over defensive. The deer as a power animal; It’s on your side for you to be who you are.You are strongly determined but learn what moments to be a gentle creature.

I am still human desiring to live Spiritually but I still have human experiences since I decided I wanted to travel back down to earth.  This is a level of learning to embody the trust of source within ourselves.  These Power Animals come when you are meditating and when your power gets stronger it comes into the living presence.  This power can be very powerful when it first comes to you that you must learn control over your thoughts.  You also will want to give thanks for these new powers and pray for these animals safe keeping.

There are times to see the common dead animal on the road as there are times when we see live animals and what a treat it is to see them.  There will be a time their are too many of these animals on the side of the road and one particular one will call out to you.  You will want to know what this animal means?  The burning desire doesn’t stop there and in that particular moment is when you can call and email me: and learn your calling of Spiritual Awakening.  Together I will walk you through your new path of internalizing this wisdom and put into action for the positive in your life.

Why do I have so many animal totems or animal medicine that shows up for me so often.  It is in my spiritual contract to be in service to others like you.  I must experience all the same inflections in conditions in order to be able to relate and be in service to you.  Sounds a bit crazy, but I am here to say I’ve already had the “crazy” checked out of me and it is positively only intuition that I have been able to build up these skills.  As you put forth your efforts to connect to source you too can get to know your own intuition with being and living as a Mystic.

Bear Creek, CO Copyright: K.Wamsley 2006
Bear Creek, CO
Copyright: K.Wamsley 2006

Mystic vs Psychic definition:

The Mystic senses the Divine through human experiences such from music, art, religion and how the presence of the Divine comes through each person they interact with.  The mystic may pick up on some psychic tendency’s but the mystic knows to read further into the human soul and experiences to help decipher clouded realities.  The mystic will bring you back into alignment with your belief of your creator source.  Thus in realigning your experiences to mach up with your desires.

The Psychic deals mainly in human (self) thought with subjective pictures and sensations that are interpreted.

Their is a time and space for both the psychic and the mystic and it is solely an individuals choice to know if they want to chance their fate or know what they need to do to align their fate though conscious right thought that turns desires into action.  So at this time and space in my life I mostly rely on the Mystic who speaks within and the times of meditation and iinterpretationI feel is the psychic within guiding the Mystic to be closer to the Divine within.

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