Questions & Confessions of a Reverend, Part 1: Thoughts of the Beast ^^^666^^^

Since last summer being involved with a death of a man whom was a victim of a shooting and working in a clinical hospital setting Something much bigger than myself has come forth.  I’m still piecing together what should make sense and fear does strike me.

What if I’m committing social suicide of religions?  What happens if I’m ending my career before it really begins?  Who do I serve?

I serve the Divine within me-to do good to myself and do good to others.  I have not committed a crime-or a crime that has been caught other than speeding.  I’m not a perfect person, but I no longer wish to be a meek person either.  I am concerned about the meek inheriting the earth.  Are the meek the true sign of the Beast?  How could any of the Divines creatures be a reject to God (Allah sev)?

In order to be “saved by God” does that mean there will no longer be human life on earth?  Will there be an eternity in the kingdom of heaven; which is really just a vibration of quantum physics?

What if I have a secret doorway to the gate of Lucifer?  What happens if I can teach souls to come back into the light of God’s love from the depths of hell and the void?  What happens if I have a song that open’s hell’s gate and it interferes with our young children who are Empaths or early learners of being Psychic?

CopyRight Katie Yavuz March 2015
“Help Save US” CopyRight Katie Yavuz March 2015

I have this voice that I have concealed within me-the D-E-V-I-L? Does it live within me?  As much as I love the Divine Holy Spirit and I have learned early in my life not to feed this other side of myself could I be suppressing the evil from within me?  Will I do harm if I let this toxicness out of my body to share with the world?

Maybe, we have all done unspeakable acts that are not good to others humans or animals or insects? Once we learn not to feed ourselves to torment others are we forgiven?

I’m speaking to release what is trapped from within me.  Maybe if I release this from within my body will heal? I have been resisting and denying others to give me healings.  As I repent for my own sins.  The Divine created these challenges within my life, within my body.  I believe in the true Divine nature to take it from me when I reach the level of true belief.  Does this make me a Christian Science believer?  I would say no, I don’t believe in that religion fully either.

My collectible belief’s are bringing forth a new thought process that both scares me and one that I feel very close to need to release from my body within to be relieved of the internal torment.  Not tournament from anything really evil.  Holy spirit is within me and the conflicts of judgement and anger have begun to subside.

I feel relieved of any false belief of depression right now also.  There has been a huge shift in my presence within my marriage since being part of an Endow group through the Roman Catholic Church.  This eight week class was on “Letters to Women” from Pope John Paul II.  I will begin on Youtube this fall my thoughts of this with New Thought as it’s sister in belief system.

All religions are beautiful and at within there words they also threaten and create so much condemnation and fear that they give me so much polarity in my beliefs.

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